Saturday, May 10, 2008

I BOUGHT MY SPORTS SHOE TDAY!! yay!!! its red!!! ;DDD i got sports shoe for gym, sports and cheerleading!! im so happy! haha. its adidas (again), cause no nice nike, den i need to buy it by tday. yeahh. and and and i bought knee guard and ankle guard as well!! ohohohohoh!! and i bought a fbt singlet. haha. dman cool, its like black with lime green stripe at the side, i shall wear it to sch one day! ;DDD damn cool, i like(:

ok! so i had rehersals tday, 1st time gathering with all the casts(almost) for the whole concert! dman cool. and we got to know our roles in the whole concert. im in dance group, we're doing 2 dances, most probably. and and and, the surprising thing is, im not in singing! but but but, im lead for drama! with allen! haha. for the whole concert, thr's only teh 2 of us, drama lead. okay, dman damn scary!!! my first time in big production, drama lead. omggggggggg. can dieee. but nvm! i will try my very very best! ;DD yay! so exciting!

okay, i knocked my head thrice tday! and its still hurting. and my knee is like dman suan, i donno why. :( i can climb the stairs bending my leg! but it will bcm suan awhile later. donno why. nvm. train. hahaha. hehhhh...

tml im going granny's house to celebrate mother's day! and i've got piano in the morning. den meeting min jie to pass him disc. going home, cook lunch with bro for mom, some donno wad korean beef. den wash up, go granny house.

okay, im gonna go sleeep now.
i must make a mental note to transfer the movies into my itouch tml and to create a new neopets acct to play with charkwaytiao(aka gary) cos bro's hogging the com now. nights everyone!