Friday, May 09, 2008

ALOHA! im back home! lets talk bout tday!

waited for stanley at busstop till i almost died can! he overslept and i missed 6 buses. -.- okayy, actually wanted to cab from tm to tp, but the bus damn fast so we reached tampines interchange very quickly. yup. went to top up card and saw ruixing they all coincidentally. waited for slowpoke johnson to finish eating den we left for sch. reached sch on time, gathered with class, went lab. a new lab room, where we saw all the aircon chillers, chilling towers etc etc. went IR guest speech by amara santuary(?) yeah, it was meant for the year2 fdm ppl, but year1 can join, but it clashes with our math1 lecture, so we skipped it and went for the talk. muahhaah! quite interesting, i learnt things(((: ohoh, and thanks wilfred for wad u did for me. heh! ;DDDD
had rebus lecture aft that. i was gonna die of high pee tide, lucky lecture ended earlier so i rushed off to toilet.. ahh, damn relieved. left sch immediately cause had to meet my mom. yeah, sorry val darling! couldn't celebrate yr bday with u.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!
aft that, met vin at vivo! went lunch first. had cheeesssseeee prata!!! den went for movie! we watched IRONMAN!!!! omggg, damn damn damn damn niceee!! and i keep getting sudden jumps cos of the loud loud sounds. hahaha. the last part superrrr niceeee luhh!!! HAHAHAH! went shopping around. saw my choir juniors and vin kept pushing me to go say hi to them.. -.- haha, yup. bought a mango top and vin kept for me, cause i cant bring it home just yet. hahaa. yup. vin sent me home and when i went back to my house he called. i left my files with him -.- hahaha! so went down again to get my prettttyyy filessss. HAHA!!

tml hav to go UAN for rehersals! haha. for the year end concert lor. yuppp. lalalala.. yay, im gna meet all my darlings;D aft rehersals going to meet family to buy my sports shoe. hahah.

sun going granny's house for mothers day celebration. yay, meeting cousins again ;D

monday shall be a tiring day, class 9-5pm.

tues morning gyming with wilfred, kok pern, stephen and etc. wilfred's gna train my triceps and biceps. and im gna train my legs and stomach. all for cheerleading. i needa get my arm muscles in order to push off from the guys shoulders. yeahh! and im going for cheerleading on tues. gonna run during gyming to get my right knee used to the training, if not during cheerleading will die. yupp. hopefully i can do the trainings with ease. i dont want to be "crippled" anymore. hahhaa. coach ytd last day training us alr :( she going back japan. wonder who's our new coach.....

wed having sch, den maybe going out with vin (: if not means fri lor. haha, vin's gna teach me bowling. muhahah! i cant bowl for nuts sake. im right hander, but i bowl with my left hand, and my ball will swing back, fly out and hit ppl. HAHHA! im highly dangerous. ;DDDDD

i wanna watch what happens in vegas, get smart, incredible hulk, kungfu panda, prom. ;DDD

random pictures!!!! ;DDDDD

my cod liver pills from ausssie! ;D

and i hav to take 4 of these everyday!

check out her contacts! there's stars on it!!!! if u see closely real life, omgg, dman scary, got stars and all. damn clear. hahaha. so cool. but so scary. .ahhaa

MY WORK!! CAD (computer aided design) pretty righttt!! haahha!

haha! damn cute right! my furball convo with ruixing. HAHAHAAH!