Thursday, May 08, 2008

hohoho! im back from cheerleading! ;D
tday we had class like normal, chat and i were the earliest can! hahha. watched the bucket list on bus. den continue watching in class. wilfred keep saying at the end very touching. ahaha. den during CAD lab i watched the last part, wahh, DAMN TOUCHING!! I CRIED. =.= yeah. and i replayed it twice, cause wilfred and rooney were making lots of noise. haha. su hui gave me tissue. hahahaha! CAD class damn funny, tcher dont let u go faster than her. hahaa. stupiddddd.

aft class went MENSA2 eat pork special ;DD and it cost me $4.20!!! -.- but its mostly becos of the supeerrrr niceeee cheeeseeeee!!! ;DDDD i swear its super super super niceee!!! (: muhahha.
went lib aft lunch with siang phong, bing xun and wilfred to watch movie. we picked ĂśNDERWORLD" omggg, damn scary luhhhh! finished the whole show, den went downstairs use com, bingxun and wilfred left.. soon i left to meet the other girls for cheerleading. heeee. tday so fun luhh! got cartwheel also! i cant wait to do it on tues! chye is back in action! MUAHAHA!

went home with aggie, norman and benjamin. blah blah, the 27 bus smelt like as though someone shitted on the bus, damn smelly.. slept on bus. talked to rach on bus. alighted, walked home. damn tired now. my eyes are dying, that's why i wore glasses to sch tday! haha. and ppl were shocked. haha. some couldn't recognise me, some didn't know i wore glasses. HAHAHA!
right. im dying. im tired. seeyou all tml!!!
yay! im so happy, im meeting IRONMAN tml ((:
goody nighty everyone!