Wednesday, May 07, 2008

im getting FEVERISH!!! :(

my leg's retarded!!! like seriously. im bai ka in sch luhh! i walk super slow like a snail and i climb the stairs with 2 feet on a single step. hahahaa. serious! damn funny i swear. even i find it funny. hahaah. and ppl keep staring at meeeeee.. yeahh. =/
and now, im trying to bend me knee and walk, i feel like im learning how to walk all over agian. cause its like weak and all. ahhaah. -.- retardeedddddddd...

class was alright tday. had tutorials the whole day. i think i say class is alright everyday! cause its like the same to me. either i pay attention or i sleep. yeah. so its like normal. yup. rebus tutorial! haha. dman cold. halfway through, everyone started talking. la la la. went t buy drinks with pearlan during break, queue freaking long. blah blah. maths tutorial, yeah! i improved! MUAHHHAA! den apel class, at LT, talk about GPA things and some semester things luhh. and i got to know tday that if u wanna go local uni, must get GPA 3.5 and above. go overseas, 3 and above. full mark is 4. omggg luhh. lucky im going overseas, but still!! 3 OUT OF 4!!! ITS LIKE ... chye has never done it before.... mannzzzzz, chye gotta work 12435679853 harder than before! time to pull my socks waist high! (: and look like a nerd. haha.

went lib aft sch to use com, got logged out, went to flavours canteen t look for the guys& girls, got my thumbdrive back.bused to courts. cause the bluetooth we bought doesn't support vista. bloody hell, make me walk thr. den stupid courts didn't sell any bluetooth devices that supports vista. wth. fancy selling a whole store of vista powered com, and not hav a single bluetooth device which is vista enabled. nowadays ppl do things weirdly. -.- tsk. asked for a refund. stupid salesman, cannot see i injured my knee ahh, keep urging me to walk faster to the refund cashier. WTF IS THIS! den walk over so fast, also no use. he went to set the printer, do alot alot funny thigns on it, cant print den make me STAND and wait! wtfffffff. lousy service, just becos im not an adult. fcuk u.
im so pissed.

okay, chill chye chill. think bout CHEERLEADING TML!!! though i'll just be sitting in still. but still, its fun, i learnt the dance+cheer routine whilst sitting down! heh heh! ;D cheerleading is getting more and more exciting!! mark(cheerleading senior) said he'll try me to be his flyer. haaah. but i must first grasp all the basic right and learn fast and apply fast. yup. im still learning ;DD ahhh! so excitinggggg!!!!! omg, i cant wait to start cheering again once my knee is well enough to allow me to do so. but full recovery will take months. nvm, as long as i can bend my knee, i'll go cheerleading!
tml got rockclimbing, tsk, i got chosen to join sportsclimbing. shitttt. and and, choir asked me to go tml for choir practice. man, im sorry ppl ,but i chose cheerleading. =x yeah. so im going to turn up for cheerleading tml, and not for the other 2. yup.
guess wad! samuel's gf is in NP's cheerleading!! ahhahaa! im going to see her! i must see her! means i must do well in cheerleading! i must i must!! (((:

okay, im going to watch movie now. hahaha. seeyouu all!!! sleep early ppl!! ;D
im getting feverish.. =/ crapppp