Tuesday, May 06, 2008

IMMA GREEDY PIG!!! i just had choc cake for my breakfast!!!!! muhahahah! sinful :/

okay! let me tell u bout my wonderful day ytd! hahaha.like "WONDERFUL" -.-
i had rockclimbing training ytd. we went to the pullup bar to do our pullups. den for girls, the senior holds yr ankle. den when i was coming down, my ankle was still held, and i dropped down onto my knees on the rough ground! like woah, ouch!! so its swollen and bleeding lots. yup. see these few days got any mroe swellings, cause scared got fracture. the fall was quite high and quite bad.. yeah. so sad. u know what's the worst thing?? I CANT GO FOR MY CHEERLEADING PRACTICE TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOO!!!! cheerleading is my life mann. though stanley, jin long and ting feng keep persuading me not to join. heh. den weiloong and the 3 of them helped me around. thank you guys!! jin long and stanley paid for cab fare home. thanks loaddsss.. stanley went kfc buy dinner for me. den we walked home. yuppp. and and, bathing time was seriously painful i swear. cause my wound keeps bleeding non stop. so the gauze was stuck to it. and i cant get it out!! so i had to water the wound and pull the gauze out.. omgg, my legs damn wobbly luhhh. so grossss!!! den aft the whole torture ended, my mom put some miracle medicine la. haha. den tday the swelling subsided. yup! but hav to see nxt few days got swell anot, cuase scared got fracture mahh. yup. see how.

my cheerleading :(((
so tday im going to go for class, den go mark attendance for cheerleading(hopefully) and stanley's going home with me. thanks ahhhh.. (:

im going to go for my torture bath now. gotta go ikea later to exchange the bluetooth set. ughhh!hiya, tday got lecture, must climb alot stairs, so mahfun. hahaa. so i shall get going now, i walk damn slow. like slower than old ah ma laaa. hahaha. byeeeee.

ohoh!! 18th may, we're all going to see mr sim km's new flat. our sjc tcher. hahaa. omggg, he shift house and he became my neighbour!!!! HAHHHAA!! pity im not in sjc anymore, if not everyday can go find him, and ask him tutor me during O's period. HAHAHA! okay, so its nxt sun. must note it down. and 4H ppl are going out aft that right!!! yess!! seeyou babes then! missya alllll.. ;DDD