Sunday, May 04, 2008

i just bought a laptop!! and im using it to blog now.. haha. still trying to get used to laptop. muhahah! so hard to use siaaaaa..

soo, i had piano in the morning.. bad bad bad.. cause i didnt practice, so tcher was a little pissed with my scales.. :( bro drove to piano class and family went jln kayu for prata!! ;DD tell u, bro drive dangerous siaaa! he turning that time almost go ontop of a kerb laaa!! den he swerve and we all were liek WOAHHH.. ahhaha. dangeroussss.. prata was okay. went to buy cake. for dad's belated bday. yup. den went amk station to meet johnson. topup card. waited for jonathan. walked to weijie's house. zzzzz so hottttt. did a little homework, wrtoral.. den went pool at kpool with jonathan, weijie, johnson, yi chao and some other guys. hahhha!!!

bused home with johnson. had dinner, played with laptop, video conferencing with weiloong now. very very funnyyyy!!! ahhahahh!! nightss everyoneee!!!