Saturday, May 03, 2008

FIIIIFOOOO ROCK N ROLL EVERYONE!!!! im dead beat. i shall update my outdated blog. hahaha.

happy advanced and belated bday to amanda, fiona and jingxin!!!
we had a mini bday celebration in class.. cake fight! fiona's face was like the worst.. full of choc! hahhahhaa. had modern dance tryouts aft sch.choreo was bloody difficult cause ryan did the choreo himself. he's the choreographer for tp dance ensemble as well as old school's dance instructor.. man! u can imagine how challenging his moves were. omggggg. had a hard time learning. he came into the studio, but his bag down adn started dancing and we had to follow and master in less than 10min. -.- tried my best. den my group dance, danced the routine and did 2 eights freestyle.. OMG. yeah. i cant bear to look back, wonder how horrendous i did(okay, i shall say how best i did). haha. so aft audition, went to see denise at rockclimbing. den, cause i love love love rockclimbing so much, i wore jingxin's harness and went to scale the wall! hahahaha! climbed bout 6 times. hmm, nice. den this rockclimbing guy asked for my particulars and all and i gave him my real one(im supposed to use jingxin's name) cause they denise they all ask me to. yeah. den end of the session they said out of 100plus ppl who came, they picked 30 to join sportsclimbing, and cm for trial 2. and when they announced my name i was like "HUH?!!!!!!" damn loudly. haha. den the seniors all mimic me. -.- lameeeee. yeah, so i hav t go for trial 2 on monday, 6-9. arghhh...

hahaha. woke up at 930, rushed, set off for somerset. met singyee and her frens on mrt, her frens said they saw me and told singyee. yup, but i donno them. heh. trained to somerset, waited for everybody, everyone's late. saw tingyi and qien! started chatting as we all waited for our frens. HAHA. slowly everyone came, total of 9 ppl, namely, me, cindy, zhenru, ericia, weijie, johnson, jonathan, yi chao and crossbee(??). walked to cine to buy tics, saw jillian, christina and priscilla on the way. ahha. choir juniors(: bought tics for 3.35show, forbidden kingdom. went kpool to pool. hmm, not bad. took loads of pics. HAHA! played till we lost track of time and rushedup for movie.. nice movie, but the story line abit expected laaa. haha. the next few movies i wanna watch are the hottie and the nottie, superhero, what happens in vegas(?), prom night. haha. aft movie walked ard heeren and far east. saw katrina at num flipflops (: den aline at the same place. aaahahha! oh den i was telling ericia my full name when i saw a person infront of me. she looks like jiayi, but not sure if its her anot. den when i told ericia my fulanme, she turned around!! HAHAH! ITS JIAYI! yup, walked ard. bumped into radhiya and sharlene at hula and co! ahhaha! saw a nice dress, but was lazy to try it on. ahahah!walked on further, saw kexin and adele!!!! wheeee. damn cool. everyone was saying my antena very long. ahhaha. okay luhhh. not as long as u all lor. ahha. i met a total of 13 friends tday! from pri sch- tp! yay yay yay!!! so happy! dinnered at macs, slack and talked for damn long. not forgetting camwhoring session! ahahah.trained back with cindy, zhenru, johnson and jonathan. camwhored even more. stupid johnson scare me with flying beetle, idiotttt. cindy and zhenru alighted at kovan and the 2 guys walked me home. muahhaha! talked for awhile under my block. yeah. back home!

met johnson on bus, den jonathan. sch as usual! bball with class adn phantos ppl aft sch till 4. my sports shoe spoil siaaaa... den exchange my slippers with valerie's sports shoe. VAL, U'RE A LIFE SAVER! I LOVE U TO DEATH!!! ;D went lib to study with johnson, or rather, help him with his draft for wrtoral.. left at 545, met the girls at mushroom and went for cheerleading. did loads loads more than last session. first, we ran rounds on the track, den we did diff kinds of pushups, crunches,situps, dolphins and some weird weird stretching. den we did bridge. not only bridge, aft u do bridge, must do pushup in bridge position. omgggg. the hand can break sia. aft that is hand stand. wthhhh. at first i cannot do, den aft falling 3 times on my head, i learnt alr. haha. so must still practice hand stand. but i wanna practice doing bridge without lying on the ground den up. i wanna go down like that. haha. and split split split!!!!! i must do it!!
ytd cheerleading practice damn damn funny and pain and malu. i tell u. i got a new base partner. he said i was heavy >:[ but senior say cannot say i heavy, maybe cos im taller than him. yeah. when i was on kelwin, he said i wasn't heavy. yay, lucky someone said im not heavy.. ohyes, kelwin's in cheerleading as well. zzzz, him again. im going to see him for 3 years. so suay..hahahaha. kidding luhh.. anw, my base partner didn't really know how to do, cause last session he wasn't successful. alot of times he went down the wrong timing and almost caused me to fall over or he didn't hold/let go at the correct time, causing me to fall off. lucky all the while senior was grabbing my waist damn tightly. if he didn't my nose alr flat lo. its like he was literally holding me luhh, cause my base unstable. yeah. but nvm, its a learning process. i fell more times than i did last session. but its alright. my wrist and elbow cracked though. ahha. nvm. got 1 very very malu experience with him ytd, i shan't say it here. hahhahahaha. dman funny. coach say cannot say sorry when its cheerleading time. hahaa. did hand motions and kicks. senior say my leg very flexible, can kick very high. haah. he didn't believe when i said i was from choir in my sec sch cca. HAHAHA! so funnyyy..

so plans for the week and the coming.
tday: later going out with parents. going to see laptop as well and get a new pair of sports shoe.
tml: piano in the morning. den stupid weijie and gang ask em help them with wrtoral cos johnson told them i know. zzz, its quite simple lehhh, just see and ans. i must go do mine first. heh
monday: school. rockclimbing trial2, 6-9++.
tues: swimming in the late morning, school at 1. cheerleading at 545-9+
wed: school. got FOCUS conference (maybe poning), going to deyi sec with the peeps to see their legendary duncan hill, their form tcher. he sounds nice. haha
thurs: school. den slack for a few hours, cheerleading at 545-9+
fri: school and sth else!!! I CANNOT RMB!!!!!! arghhhh.
sat: rehersals/com meeting for livelive concert ;D
sun: pianoooo!



class of N801.

yo mamas!



this is weiloong. HAHA!

birthday girls (: left-right: fiona, amanda, jingxin

cutttttinnggg cakeeeee..

isn't this like so cool? haha. denise and i were testing out the lights. haha.

AND ALL HAIL VALERIE WHO HAS JUST ARRIVED. (look at the right hand side. haha)

birthday cakee. niceeee(:

and this is wilfred. dont u think he looks like the cinema panda which goes "im watching u" HAHAHA! i think so! stephen is beside him. haahah

denise, me, ann ann, jingxin, su hui and pearl an.


awwww. we look so bonded. and yes we are:) dont be jealous. muahah

toodleeessssss.. i love my class, most importantly, i love my classmates (: