Monday, June 02, 2008

im so glad maths was a breeze! love youuu.

bused to TM with hongyao and weiloong. collected my GV membership card. and im over the moon now ;D lunched at pasta mania with fav magherita pizza! ;DDD triple happiness! now, im craving for newyork newyork's mudpie. anyone care to satisfy my craving?

so i went back to sjc to collect my SGC. its quite pretty! and then it started to rain. pffft. and my pretty folder got a little wet. :( nevertheless, its still intact (: got home, checked mail for UAN stuff and got the dress codes for classes coming up. and i'm chatting with sean over videocall on msn now. HAHHA! so this means that i've got no time to study alr. haha. WHOOPSY! =x

im leaving at 5ish? yeah, which means i've got not much time left to bathe, pick dress and make up. mannn, life's busy.. hahaha! meeting li shan at bugis busstop at 615. we're going some other studio for our vocal class tday. which we dont know where, so yeah. so class's gonna end quite late and i should be heading home after dinner out..
studying shall be postponed to tml. hopefully i'll abide by it. ;]

okay, i shall go bathe soon and get ready to go. haha. bye everyoneeeee.
i feel so guilty for not studying and playing computer instead :((((
now im craving for jap cucumbers. :D
left-right: paddy, jiaqi, shihui, shimin, gen, qien, fon, tingyi, me, chiujie (:

4 HUMILITY! half i mean. haha

they're just jealous i hav a spastic face. haha

leaning love <3

let me introduce, this is paddy goh(in checked shirt and black skinnies), my bestie, who's very spastic, in sjc ;DD haha

and say hello to audrey xie, she has a man chinese name. weijie xD but i love her still

and this is bex!

not forgetting fonteyn aka fon (black girl)!

frantic on the train

love of my life (: