Tuesday, June 03, 2008

so yesterday's vocal class was not bad, its at music garage. and i think the class's not bad, tcher's fantastic! god i love her, she's like soooo englishy. ;D
after class we went BK for debrief with all artistes. bused home, slept on the bus, lucky i woke up just on time to alight at the nxt busstop. phew. reached home at like 11plus?? yeah. here comes the tough part.

i told dad and mom i wanted to join that class, i shan't tell u how much, but classes is like mon-fri, 7-9pm, cause the package i want is unlimited hours of vocal class, u can choose to go or not to go. so yeah, parents didn't like it, cause that means i hav no resting time. u see, my sch timetable's like

mon: 9-5pm school
tues: 1-5pm school, 545-930 cheerleading
wed: 9-1pm school
thurs: 9-1pm school, 545-930 cheerleading/ 7-9pm dance
fri: 9-1pm school
sat: 1030-1pm concert rehersals, 4-6pm guitar
sun: 10-1130 piano

so this means that if i join the vocal class, i can only go on mon, wed and fri. i know my schedule's very packed, but i really want to go for the vocal class. or at least let me try first. see how i can work out going for class, practicing my instruments, studying, reading papers, SLEEP etc. yeah, at least let me try out first before ruling out everything. its kinda unfair to me. cause i really want to try and change my social schedule and u guys here dont even let me have a chance.

tsk, parents just like to keep their children like a jailbird, i wish i was free like a FREEBIRD. how great would life be.. arghhh, i feel so dejected and demoralized.
i guess i shall be a good girl these few days and show my parents i can study and have my class at the same time, oh, not forgetting sleep regularly. life's such a bitch.

tomorrow's real estate business paper. im so nervous. well, i think im more nervous for fri's paper, FACOM,which is where we learn about managing a facility. yesyes, the lights, aircons and toiletbowls. and i've got remedial with mr lecturer tomorrow for facom. know why, cause chye's dumb, she failed her facom test badly and requires extra remedials. tsk, life's a whore.

i hope everything runs smoothly for me for this whole week. im outta energy to think anymore
i've still got my script to memorise.


ain darling and i ! quite some time ago, during march? yeah, miss ain so much! (:

li shan sweetie and i! :D taken just yesterday! before music garage. haha. ;D

my new wallpaper :D im going to do up another one nxt time. hahaha

photos from my hp are in the com, but i shall upload another time. photo outburst!
im gna call the HP ppl to diagnose my desktop's prob and study later.