Sunday, June 01, 2008


guitar was torturous, but it was fun, i finally learnt how to bar F chord when yit hann just happened to step inside. hahaa. so coincidental laaa. hahaha. damn funny. and my hw for guitar is to practice im yours(all the chords need to bar one -.-), cai hong and qing tian.. muhaha.

anw, i didn't really buy lots of things ytd whilst shopping. firstly, took a long time for payment for the LIVE LIVE concert tickets, needa separate receipts and choose seats. i chose level 1, row D for my class ppl. (fyi, row A is the closest to the stage) so u guys are sitting behind the VIPS. i picked the best seats for u all lor, better thank me. hahaa. secondly, when u're planning to go on a shopping day, nth turns out for u. yeah. i only bought like a pair of berms(MUAHHA!), 2 tops, 1 dress, 1 pair of flats cum pumps, and sth else i forgot wad. okay, loooking at it, i actually bought quite some stuff. ahha. but sadly, my nike shoulder bag is out of stock!!! :((( nvm, i shall go back another day to find or maybe go another outlet. pffft >:[

piano class just ended.. i got lots of songs to brush up, esp that disco song. omggzzzz, left hand is like must stretch an octave apart FOR EVERY SINGLE NOTE. aft finishing that song ahh, i msut close my fingers for awhile before im able to continue with other songs. -.-
piano performance confirmed ---> 14june, 8pm.
this means that i'll be in fdm camp, den i'll most probably bathe in sch and change and all, den dad fetch me to performance place and i'll not come back to camp alr. yup. so that's bout it.

i forgot to book appt for brows trimming!! and im back home alr, meaning im too lazy to step out of the house to go for it. so lazy bummed chye is going to stay at home. guess im going to do some maths later and study facom. tml's maths term test anw. tskkk. i hope i do pass my subjects, hopefully with flying colours.. pleaseeeeeeee. must work hard. hah! i feel so hardworking for once. hahahahaha. im finally able to watch tv tonight!!! yay! im so happyyyy.

ohright,i jsut rmb my sat is going to be jam packed. look,
morning: concert rehersals.
3-4+pm: hip hop dance class
4-6: guitar !
7- night: shopping (:

HAHAHHAA!!!! this is so funnnn! im turning into a unrecognizable freak with super heavy eye bags and panda eyes and freaky skin condition. hello, that's chye. dont run away from meeeee :/

okay, im gonna go for my lunch (lucky im still having regular meals, unlike my irregular sleeping patterns) and study!! go chye go!!! think of the HOLIDAY that is coming aft term test!!!!!!!
YES YES YES!! im so psychedddddd! bye world. i wont blog in the night either. haha.
note* i miss cheerleading ;D (i still owe pics. mr sim's hse warming, my hp and paddy's. cya!)