Thursday, June 05, 2008

rise and shine all you lazy bums! chye was up at the strike of 8am! so hardworking. and i think its too early to start work so im here to blog for awhile den start studying for tml's facom ppr. TOMORROW IS THE LAST PAPER FOR TERM TEST!!! YESSS!! and its my worst worst subject. -.- aircons, toilet bowls and discharge stack just doesn't appeal to me. oh wells..

and and guess wad?! i've started to plan my hols alr! HAHAHAH! i've filled up my organiser for outings everyday. well, lliterally. cousins arrived in singapore ytd! yay! means i can go out with them like soon soon! muhahah. so happy. sat's shopping time aft rehersals and dance class. sun's piano and sentosa?? yeah. den mon onwards shall be going out with friends friends and more!!! i wanna go SHOPPING, sentosa, iceskating, rollerblading, jurong swimming pool, picnics(haha), baking etc etc etc.. any one wants to do the same? can contact me at all times (((: YAY!

and and who friggin wanna go CLUBBING ??!!! i swear im so gonna go this hols. im thinking of MOS on thurs. then stay out, return home on fri afternoon, pack my bag and go for fdm camp. yeah. FATTY TOH AND PADDY GOH, WANNA COME?!!! ;DDDD so exciting right, going out with chye. haha. any comers?N801/2/3/4 or pri/sec/tp sch peeps? the more the merrier! ;DDDD

im so damn looking forward to the coming of hols. please grant my wish that í'll be able to play hard this hols without worrying. i haven't been playing hard lately, i think i've become a goody two shoes (: haha, chye is a nerd.
nerdy chye needs to go take out her facom notes and start studying now. but she thinks her heart will flutter around, thinking bout clubbing, tanning, shopping etc. oh wells, i shall tie a string and pin it back. (: okay, my alarm's gonna ring any moment now, to tell me to get back to work. HAHA! im so weird. whatever. bye everyone!

N801, pls reply to pearl an's msg bout tomorrow's movie outing. she's damn sad that not everyone replied. haha. dont keep her waiting. she'll hunt you in yr dreams. so if u want sweet dreams, do reply her asap. THANKS! and good luck everyone for my most hated subject tml ;]