Thursday, June 05, 2008

bees buzzz! HAHAH!
okay, confirmed. butterfactory on 10june(the coming tues) and zouk on 17 june(nxt nxt tues). MUHAHAHA! double clubbing, double joy! thanks falfen for feeding me info and getting our drinks. and XB u beter go okay! i haven't seen u in like 124598763254 YEARS!! missed you though boy. (: ill see you guys on that day ;DDDD
and im gna crash paddy's place aft partying. thanks bestie. so im officially free on thurs. oh no im not. cousins.

IM GONNA FLUNK TML. i didn't study much tday except contacting ppl for various activities. tsssk. so fast my schedule full alr.

mon: out with XB
tues-wed: clubbing
thurs: out with cousins
fri-sat: fdm camp, piano performance
sun: piano class, sentosa outing (:

that's for nxt weeeek. okay, sleep now chye. tml mornign call weechat at 545am. im gonna put like 10 millions of alarm clocks. and i need to study tml morning. hopefully i can wake up and study. tata!