Friday, June 06, 2008

prince of casbian is a MUST WATCH! its like totally worth the money luhh. though i didn't watch the 1st episode of narnia, i thought the show was awesome and i somehow could grasp what the whole show's all bout. hmm, i rate it 9/10? ;D go catch it

so let's talk about TODAY!!!!
met weechat at busstop at 630, reached sch at like 715??? HAHAH. studied, den suhui and jingxin joined. and more joined afterwards. FACOM test was like errrr, kinda alright luhh. easier than wad i expected, so i could say it's a relief. BUT, i think i got like tons of mistakes aft weiloong like went through the whole paper orally. tskkk, making me feel uneasy. oh wells, i cant undo what i've done, so yeah just live with it.
went for macs breakfast with classmates opp sch (: hmm.hearty meal aft last paper, how wonderful. camwhored, pics with suhui. 10pm tonight! ;D went back to sch at 12 for facom lab. haha, yes, we just finished our facom term test and we hav facom lab. hahaha. so funny. and we studied bout lifts. when tcher took grp1 for lift learning, ann ann, amanda and i wondered around the lab and taking shots with the stuff ard. haha. photos with ann ann(: lifts are super interesting i swear! u can like stop them in the midst of somewhere, and the EBOS will bring it to the closest level. HAHA! and so we tried.

9 of us went into the lift and the rest in the main control room. so we took the lift from 3rd floor to 1st floor. and throughout, i was the liftwoman! meaning i pressed the buttons and all, oh, and spoke into the intercom! THAT'S DAMN FUN. okay, so i was talking to mr phua first, den wilfred. yeah, so he asked "are u all going down" and im like "yeah the lift's going down" THEN, MR PHUA SWITCHED OFF THE POWER SWITCH AND THE LIFT CAME TO A JERK AND STOP. hahahahah!! and guessed wad?!! natural reaction of jasminechye! i screamed. yes. I SCREAMED DAMN LOUD. that's not the worst part. the worst part was that, i was like talking halfway in the intercom when i apparently just screamed into the microphone! and wilfred's ears almost went deaf. HAHAHA! he's lilke OMGGGG! u dont hav to scream so loud, everyone in the room could hear yr screams through the phone. HAHAHAHAHA!! omgg ,im so sorry, but its natural reaction of me. hahaha! and i admit my screams are ear-piercing. ;D

so aft class we had lots lots lots of deciding and pretty much not my type of situation. so yeah, i got a little pissed. yup, that's why i cant do lots of organising for ppl. if i do, i need ppl to be fast and quick, and not drag around and do things slow. yup. but things got brighter soon, thanks suhui and pauline (: my best sisters (: camwhored on the bus and stephen said the whole bus was looking at the 3 of you girls. haha. so funny. kay. and we decided to queue up for the tics cause axs didn't allow me to book 11 tics and phone booking didn't entitle me to 30min booking before the show's up. so yeah, we joined in the super super super long queue at TAMPINES MALL's gv, which was like until ajisen's entrance. yup, fortunately we got our movie tics, for chronicles of narnia and we rushed in. yup, just in time for the starting. nice movie i swear. (: the prince is soooo cuteee ;D same sentiments from pauline. HAHA!
camwhored aft movie. photos with pauline and suhui (: walked around tm, went ARTBOX and i bought my pretty organiser for 12bucks! yay!! im so happpppy!! thanks suhui for helping ;D im gonna start writing down my daily activites for the week. ;DDDD hahahaa.

tml gonna wake up early early! got rehersals for concert (: den dance. den shopping with family and relatives and cousins ;DDDD ohoh, that reminds me, i've got to memorise my script by tonightt!! ARGHHH!
oh man, i feel so bad im not joining the cheerleaders for being marshall for sun's nid run. yeah, cause i've got piano on sun morning. and they've got to stay overnight on sat, and wake up at like 2,3am, cause the first run's at 5am. yuppp. and tml i've got like activities in the morning right up to night. so yeahh. i'll go nxt time, it sounds fun. have fun basking under the hot sun guys! HAHAH! im being mean.
omggg, i cant help but remind myself of this afternoon's "getting stuck in the lift and screaming through teh microphone unknowningly" experience. HAHAHA! i've never gotten stuck in a lift before. xD
yay, mom's back from grocery shopping. gonna see wad goodies she bought back. and and, off for my chicken pie, curry puff and soya bean with pearl. i think im a pig by nature (: TATAAAA!! ;DDDDDDDDD


welcome to my SMARTHOME :DD

guest #1 and VIP as well. hurhur.
like some random mirror we chanced upon whilst digging through stuffff.

awww. dont we make such sweeet neighbourssss? (

sister scarf is loveee!

bing xun, me, ann ann, amanda

with extra member, KOK PERN (: