Monday, June 09, 2008

HOLLLAAAAA!! im getting into the spirit of GSS already!

had rehersals. aft that went tampines to meet parents. and and, i had gran's speciality, indo style of mee siam! DAMN SHIOK! hahaha. and not to mention, spicy as well. nevertheless, it was a satisfied lunch (: played with baby cousin caleb, he loves me much! he kept wanting me to carry him, awww, so cute right. shall show u a photo of him later ;D
went town shopping. bought 2 bedsheets from aussino. a vest, jumpsuit, top, bag and 3quads silk pants from osmose. a pair of flats from dmk. hmm, a well spent day. haha. had dinner at vietname thai restaurant. spicy again. haha

yesterday (sun)
went for piano. damn nervous for this coming sat's performance. im gonna be playing on the grand piano, which has a diff feel from the upright piano that i always play on, so bless my soul i will do well.
went vivo to meet allen! haha, he's damn cute. practiced our scripts at coffee bean. haah, damn hilarious. he left soon for bbq and i went bugis to meet XB. hmm, long time since i last met u boy. his fren damn pro at musicplaying. serious. went to eat after that. keep pestering him to go clubbing tml and nxt tues. he kept saying see how. chicken neh neh. yr best pal falfen is going leh! =.= aiya, i forgot to take photo with him, he insisted on taking a photo with me. ahah but i forgot to take with him. my bad XB.
rushed off to meet parent at ps. bought 2 blankets from aussino. i reckon mom's becoming a fan of aussino already. ahha. but my blanket is dman cute, its like giraffeeeee!! ;D hahaha. anw, bought a top and belt from m)phosis and a pair of shorts n necklace from dorothy perkins. ;D ohoh, and we went diaso to buy those really cute jap stuff to make sushi. heh heh heh! finally, dinnered at swensens. had like beef baked rice, slamon n mushroom baked rice, crayfish spaghetti, bbq half chicken, frozen malt icecream, sticky chewy choc, icecream with brownie. ahha. I SERIOUSLY THINK IM BORN IN A HOUSE OF PIGS. ;D which is like so cool okay(: