Monday, June 09, 2008

im just too bored today. haha, this shall be my 2nd post of the day. like wthzzxx.
anw, spent the day gazing at cars zooming by, sipping coffee at starbucks, doing nothing. then off ot mom's office to indulge in the free aircon. how cheapskate can i get uh. basically, its been a restless afternoon. well, now is the time where many uncles & aunites start to close their office in an abruptly manner, buzzing off to catch their stipulated timing buses.
bye, goodluck that u dont trip & fall. im gonna be waiting for precious daddy to arrive to pick me up from mom's office. i cant wait to be home. (:

loveya all (:
dont think i'll be posting tml night. cause i wont be free. haha. gooodbyeeee everyone.