Tuesday, June 24, 2008

my rebus is only half done. i just finished highlighting my online articles, the newspaper ones are not done. needless to say research for definitions and pasting it down. tskkk!!

this fucking guy damn fucking irritating. he said he know me from his friend's friendster and he added me on msn. he said he talked to me before on msn. but like U KNOW I HAV SHORT TERM MEMORY. and u expect me to rmb who u are exactly?!! like wtf! u know soooo many ppl know me from online and u expect me to rmb every single one of them?!! u think im super woman!!! u might think "just rmb me will do" but u think every one thinks the same and then i will have to rmb everyone's name and how i know u?!! and he made it sound like its a world offence to forget who is he. like who gives a shit if u pester someone like this. wtf, i go be superwoman can already.
and if u rmb me, u can just tell me yr fucking name and try and make me recall in a proper way. not by shouting and dropping me little hints here and there, forcing me to recall with such little details. then accusing me of showing xiao jie attitude. YOU CAN SERIOUSLY FUCK OFF LA.
i dont entertain this kind of ppl. im fucking pissed now. just go and fucking get a life cheeebyeeee nb!

PISSED x124576895342794953424819234