Wednesday, June 25, 2008

short update. cheerleading was uber fun tday. did arm motions, nic's shoe flew out when we did kicks. and i seriously rolled on the floor when i saw it fly past infront of my eyes. HAHAHAH!
arms and abs aching llike mad, this show that i did crrectly for abs conditioning and arm motions. YEAH!!! and thus, it resulted in a lethargic me.
and rebus must be handed up tml, so i cabbed home from tp. talked to sikai on the whole journey home. hahaha! and no, i didn't get caught by bangala on the walk to the lift from the busstop. he's a mean asshole, hahah!

AND I SPENT LIKE 3-4HOURS RESEARCHING ON REBUS TERMINOLOGIES AND IM STILL NOT DONE!!!!!!!!!! LIKE WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF. tomorrow gotta hand it up, first period, which is 9am. GOSHHH... like ughhh!!! means that i've got to wake up suber uberly early like 5am, to complete my research and start pasting everything down!!!! CRAP. i hav very little time to do so... and my eyes cant take it anymore, i've got to sleeeep. at elast grab like 2 hours of sleep den up again to do rebus the bitch.
shortieeenighttiieeee :[
(thanks savs for helping with teh research a little. )

im going to meet my goldfish bestfriend aka jin xian tml at tp! yay!! he's from sp fyi. haha, cool beans, i miss you man goldfish. hahaha. ;DD seeyouu all tml(in a jiffy)