Tuesday, July 08, 2008

HELLOOOO! im going to KO soon. we just finished our facom proj. waaaaahhhh, damn damn tireddd nowwww... pauline and i like high alr. hahaha. and my knees are hurting like a bitch =/ msut be the 13km we ran ytd. ughhh. later tonight still got cheerleading prac.. tsssskkk.

so like im waiting for ms ding to come out of the shower and its my turn to bathe. siangphong's beside me arranging the slides.. haha. later he'll hav to wait for the both of us to put on lotsss of make up. hahaha. cause nv slp, so look damn ugly. hahaha!
time check: 950am
we're meeting weechat at 10.. pauline's out, time for me to bathe. byeeeee