Wednesday, July 16, 2008

hello one and all.

ytd i was weird. haha. i cabbed from tampines mall to tp jus bcos i told darren í'll be early and he in fact is earlier than me. yeah, u wont understand. hahaha. in the end, i "stepped" inside sch earlier than darren as planned. yay! sat there, talk talk talk talk, waited for terence to come and he arrived at 10sharp. -.- walked to swim complex and started sswimming. so happy i completed my 30laps as said. :D :D :D :D :D *pats myself on the shoulder* and i attempted to stand and sit on the float and paddle across. haha. terence did and he looked errrrrrr funny. hahahahaa! next swimming is this coming fri! yay! so happpppppyyy :D

went for class and i felt like sleeeeeping. haha. but i did not fell asleep. LOL. blahhhhh, i forgot what i did. but after that was cheerleading training. at the end of training, we sat in a circle and captain asked us to close our eyes and hold hands with the person nx to u. and so we did and he went throught the entire scenario for saturday(our performance day) and i fell asleep while he was talking. i could feel myself sway one side. haha. and aft the whole thing finished bryan said "sleep until very good hor" haha, he could feel i was sleeeping. cause he said he squeezed my hand and i got no reaction and he could feel my hand moving away when i slant my body and i got no reaction 1. hhaa. sorrrrrrryyyy mannnn.. changed and bused home.

today had rebus pop quiz, quite okay not as bad as i expected. then maths and apel. we had FM forun tday for apel. like all levels for fdm will gather at LT40 and the course manager will come and talk to us. liek a little of interaction session. we had no seats and had to sit on steps. -.-""" hah, aft that met phantos ppl for lunch and FLAVOURS(cus bizpark no space) left at 2 with winston, bumped into darren, robin and alvin at busstop. went tgt to tm. they accompanied me to buy my tights. HAHA! and they were kindaaaa feeling awkward(cus the place sells bras as well) so they went outside to wait. hahhaah. nxt headed to sistic and darren paid his money for the nike run. went pastamania for lunch with robin. i think i eat alot. -.- robin accompanied me home! hahaha! he could take 72, but he took 27 instead. HEH HEH. thanksssss robinhood :D

came home, took my nike+ human race run form and went hougang mall sistic and pay my money. yay! im done! just hav to wait for confirmation.
and and and im planning to go running now. lets see, one round is 400m, in order to complete 10km(the dist of nike run) i must be able to run 25rounds or more. omggggggg. i think i can complete at most 20 rounds tday only. i must and i will strive to achieve my best. i must start training from tday onwards.

okay! i shall leave now. i'll come back later to upload pics on my post. and update more. tata!

yooooo! im back form running! guess whattt?!!!?!?!!?! i managed to run full 25 rounds, which is equivalent to 10km! but i ran it in 50min? must improve by 5min the nxt time i run. ohoh, when i was running my 1st 10rounds, i felt like dying. then i met johnson, he got muay thai, so also go run. den we run tgt. and i completed my next 20rounds with ease. i think running with a companion is very effective. haha. yupp, and i sprinted my last 100m and i felt like flying. seriously. hahahaha! den walked and warm down and im home!!! going to upload some pics now. i realise i got alloooooot of pics to upload.
1st: vivo dinner with 03, 2nd: suqin bday, 3rd: badminton at sports complex, 4th: maths lec, 5th: facom lab, 6th: wenli bbq, 7th: bus with ann ann. i think that's about it. hahah!


our self made ice kachang!

juwita, jiaying, chye, suqin, ruixing, jonathan, (weijie and johnson hidden behind), gary, huiling, yiling.

table 2 with MrRaymondWong (rebus lecturer)

sisters! (:

before the ice gets on top...

after the ice is on!

this is ours.

this is jia's. haha! see the CHAO TA diff. haahhha!

bday girllll!!!


sorry laaa, im nerd cannot ahh.


i love her!

randddoooommmnnneeessss :D


leftovers. haha

mr wong!



HAHA! check this out! the entire tub of ice cream out! just for weijie to scoop. hahah! retarded ruixing laaa

tssssk. prawn peeling competition, mr wong dropped 2 prawns on the floor. ahhaha!

the happy bday girl


we're happy kids!

table twwooo's candid. haha

muahhaha! i can cooook!



sky, angela, gary, suqin and me. ((((:

HAHAHA! group photo 1!!

group photo 2!! ;DDD

i love you guys!!! ;DDDD

the act cute gang. hahha

TP OLE!!!! ;D

card playing time

superrr engrossseeddd

the day end with a smile on everyone's face (:

i wonder how
i wonder why
i wonder where you are
the days we had
still vivid in my memory
im still confused.