Tuesday, July 15, 2008

hollaaaaa, im online like so early. all bcos of chew taili!!!! IDIOTTT. this morning den tell me he cant meet me in the morn. wtffff. kill him ahhh, wake me up so early.. ughhh. and im so bored i decided tocome online to blog. actually iw anted to post pic, but blogger's screwed, it doesn't wanna upload my pics. pffft. >:[ another day then.

and i asked darren to come early. heh. and he said okay! yay!!! bestie's the best :D
okay, i shall goupdate N801's blog, its growing moss and weeds and ferns. haha. till then! i cant wait for swimming! ;DDDD

how i hope u'd be less tempermental
im in a dilenma now
i miss you man,
but things have changed.
u dont know how much yr action affects me.
i need m girlfriend now badly.