Tuesday, July 15, 2008

ytd was piano and seeing showflats. now i need to compile all my info tgt and im done for my part for the proj, cause i jsut did like 1/3 of it. haha. had bbq at ecp, celebrate wenli's bday.. hmm, okayyy, her friends are likeee DONT KNOW HOW TO TAKE PICTURES ONE. hahahahhaha!! damn funny. but seeing that the class put in some effort to go, its good enough, although some ppl didn't want to take pics... parents came to fetch me home..

today had class. sat beside angela(shortyxD), chuxian(bangala) and suqin(xiajie), omgg, damn fun laaa. super funny. hahhaa. pet pet help us buy fries. AHAHAH! class damn retarded tday. got maths test and cads lab. we did 3D modelling on com. so coooool.. ran to effcom class. always like that one. hahaha! aft class met darren, go siwm poool change and off to cheerleading. actually tday PT, but change to normal cheer training. cos this sat performance le.. had practice in dance studio, cos the track wet, got rain. yupppp. mark cradled me, kelwin did a little push/extend me up, and larry carried me and tossed me 360 degrees unknowningly. omgg, i was like on a roller coaster.. haha, but it was funnn! i tried on joy's cheerleading skirt. ahah! photos' with jasmine. ;D

tml im meeting dear old taili for cable tv at lib. then he has class at 10, and im meeting darren and terence at mushy at 945, and we're going for swimming. yesss. i tday nv run, tml must swim more laps. heeehhheeehhh! aft swim would be lunchh with them. class. then aft that cheerleading training. woooohhhooooo. i better go chiong my wrtoral now. heeh hehh.. seeyou all tml. byebye..