Sunday, July 13, 2008

tpsu subcom camp is oveerrrr. and lancelot rocks biggie time man!

dinnered with phantos ppl, went to see our grouping, im the only fdm in my entire group -.- so the original ppl i know in my group were; tzechoong, glen, ben, amanda and sophia. made new frens, played ice breaking games and all. normal camp stuff. had station games afterwards. omgg, its wet games.

station1: design school. had to use paper and fold into cone, den walk along a line, turn 2 round ard dustbin, jumpover something on the floor and scoop water into the cone and do everything back and pour into pail. yuuppp.

station2: it was programmed by our group FA, brendon! :D :D haha. this one damn funny. we were divided into 2 groups. its like u hav to tie water bombs first, den its for the programmers to use laaa. wahaluuu. haha. then, merlin(brendon) says he wants duck walk or penguin walk, so 2 groups hav to walk like duck/ penguin, attempting to get across to the other side, while picking up water bombs on the way. den if merlin turns ard we ahv to freeze, and maintain a smile on the face, den the programmers will come ard and pop water bombs over yr head if u move or do wrong action. so alot also kena water all over yr body. our group lost, but we are one big family, so we chose to throw water bombs together(actually only winner can). but we threw all at the programmers, so no diff also. HHAHA!!

station3: business concoure, john's station. damn retarded. we hav to dip our hands in a bucket of soap water and line up in 2 rows, side by side and 2 squares apart. den the 1st person will pick up teh bar of soap in the bucket and SQUEEZE it to the other person. must squeeze. HAHAH! den u can see all the soap flying ard and we all retardedly trying to pick them up as they slip away from our hands. damn freaking retarded. but super fun.thr was like 4 bars of soap?? yeahh. very fun. and aft the game all of us were like soaping our hands with lots of foam..

station4: gideon's stuation. empty space beside bizpark. this is the station i got wet THE MOST. first, we had to catch water bombs thrown by programmers WITH OUR SHIRT. -.- yeah, not literally taking off yr shirt and catching it but use the end and catch it in. yup. den lay it on a masking tape and we allhad to either sit or lie down 1 row across to the other masking tape and pass the water bombs without using yr hands. so we passed using mouth. haha. den later we use shirt. after that we must lie stomach flat on the ground and everyone must roll over to the other side. like OMGXXZZ!!! u know they literally roll over yr body, and yr leg is like on the hard and rough gravel floor. den aft 3 guys literally ROLLING AND SQUASHING u, the other used their hands and prop themselves up so they wont squash us. yaaa, and i got a big bruise just becasue of 3 guys rolling over me. :/ so pain. ohyes, throughout the whole process of catching bombs, to putting them down and passing and rolling, the programmers threw many many cups of water over us. okay, then... went back to starting point thr and i was standing right infront. we were doing cheer halfway when gideon and yee ping poured an ENTIRE BUCKET OF WATER ALL OVER US. and i was like the 1ST ONE, MOST FRONT!!!! so i got most of it. i was dripping wet from hair to socks. hahahaha! damn fun .

station5: glen's station. very smelly. they had a garbage bag on the floor, on top, they put raw eggs, jelly, flour, yoghurt drink, vinegar etc etc. all gross stuff tgt that gave out a freaking cannot tahan smell. hahaa. and our task is to ROLL over it, take a water bomb, back to back with partner and walk zigzag to another pail and use yr body to burst the bomb. we were damn smart, we used our hands and did the ROLLING action and jumped over the gross pile. SOEM GROUP, i think shawn's grp dame retard, hey actually ROLLED OVER THAT SHITTY PILE. omggg laaaa, u know when they entered the meeting place they stink like shit and everyone could smell their entrance from far. hahahhha!

aft that was supper?? i cant really rmb but shld be laaaa. den bathe at 12plus. we went sports complex to bathe, cause everyone thinks sports complex alot ppl, but actuall yeveryone thinks like this so no one inside. HAHAH! and i got to bathe quickly. no design toilet mannn. washed up alr, met winston, went over to swim complex find fellow fdmers. had to climb in over the gate cos the swim pool closed le. i squeeze through can le. ahahhahaaaa!!!! slack thr. went to explore the guys toilet cos nobody inside. its so much bigger than the girls' one and cleaner. haha. love their toilet. waited for ppl to finish bathing and pack up.. went back to sports complex. on the way, i was damn urgent and pris felt the same. so stopped at bistros toilet. wahlau, girls only got 2 cubicles, den so dirty got menses on the toilet seat. wtf. so asked wayhong to look aft the outside and we tow went to the guys toilet. haha. ahhh, so nice. okay, back sports complex, slack ard, camwhored with phantos ppl, lucky i brought camera ahhhh. haha. donno wad i did alr, i jump groups here and thr. hahaha. i just know that we camwhored alotttt. del ordered macs and we ate. haha. went outside the track to practice cheerleading dance and all. until like 3plus or 4??? den got FA and some campers came and chided us, told us to get back in. fine lorrrr. went back, go guys dorm, quite a number of ppl were sleeping. ahha. shawn they all also, still say wan ton. wahlau. ahha talked to tzechoong and wayhong and my other girl friends at girls dorm. talk until like 5plus den they left cos others were tired. lay on my sleeping bag, ddn't really slp laaa. just lie thr lor, but like 6plus i think i slept for like 30min?

AGGIE SMACKED MY ARSE MANY TIMES. cos she couldn't wake me up. -.- though it was 30min only. hahahhaha. but i finally woke up and we were late. well, others were late as well. and my shoe was damn damn damn smeeeelllyyyy and wet.. had morning PT and to mensa for breakfast. damn small la the bread, trying to starve us. ahhaa. went audi for teaching of handsign, left at 915 for concert rehersals. trained to chinatown for rehersals. zzzzzzzz new script not realyl up yet, but i haven't even memorize finish the old one, damnit. must do it quick. if not kena scolding. :( after that, had lunch with fellow artiste frens. i ate like chicken rice and the serving's damn damn damn hugeeeee! but worth the price, 4bucks only. still got vegggeess :D haha. and i just got to know that calvin is damn lame laaaa! omgggg. i didn't know can. hahaahah. trained back to tp. i stood on the train and i fell 5 times. cause i was sleeping, damn tired, and yr leg jsut gives way and u woaaaaahhh and fall. yaa, damn malu, ppl keep looking at me. finally reached and got tgt with my grp mates. played gamesssss. went audi for more games and had TREASURE HUNT! we were assigned to AS school and we had to find 42 pieces of puzzle on all 6 floors. we left last one cannot find and we kept finding and finding but still cant find. haixxxxx.. not enough time alr so we left and ran to temusa groove. the big patch of grass beside swimming pool. there, under the scorching sun, we all had to find 1 GREEN BEAN. there's only 5, one for each group. omgggggggggggg. finally ivy found and we ran back to koi pond. actually we could hav gotten first, cos we pieced our puzzle very fast, but we didn't know that its okay not to hav all the pieces, as long as u can see the words can alr. wahlau, we spend so long trying to find the pieces when we actually know the words alr. wasted laa. but nvm, we had fun.

last game. mini final clash. but no lollipop. haha. its coloured water. each empire had a bucket of coloured water. den must tie water bomb. all of our legs had a white cloth tied to it and if there's colour from the other team on it u're out. so the war began. and our group had the most ppl leftover! we didn't even lose any team mates. HAHAHHA!!! but we had water bombs left, so teh programmers took them and sprayed on all of us. hahaa. very very fun. and i was wearing white shorts. -.-"""" had mass dance after that!! :DDD my partner's SHAWN! hahahaha. soo funnnn. den later take human formed tpsu pic, and all the FO empires came out and did individual cheers. ahhahahaha! went back get stuff, off to fdm place to bathe. haha.

went tm after that for dinner with angela, chuxian, tze choong, wayhong, winston and gary. bought movie tickets for hancock at 10pm. still got time left so went to cpf building to see the gathering. talked to marvin, eugene and jason whilst others went to sit ard or talk.. blah blah. the world quite small ahhh.. left for movie, and all of us felt llike sleeping in the movie laaaa! cause nv slp. chuxian slept. and i was sometime ssleeping sometimes awake. show quite nice laaa. hahaha. den ended at 1145?? winston pei me go hail cab and i cabbed home. uncle very funny(not bian tai, like the last one), he very nice also. got home, unpacked, soak all my wet clothes and changed and went to bed.

had piano in the morning, i really cant drag myself off my bed. damn damn tired. during piano, when tcher playing new song i stood by the side and i almost fell asleep. -.- zzzzz. gotta practice more. came home, now blogging, going to bathe and eat lunch. den dad's bringing me to see showflats. whole family going east coast later. -.- im going to find my 01 ppl for bbq and my family's going to hav pinic and stroll. den fetch me bro if he's going off elsewhere and fetch me back home later. yup. at least don hav to waste time on bus journey.. hahaha.
okay, off to bath now, im damn sticky. i'll upload pics another time when i hav the time. i owe blogger camp pics, ding's long rotted facom lab pics and maths lec pic. :D