Friday, July 11, 2008

2days away from blogigng and im already missing the feel. xD

lets see.. on thurs had classes as usual. went to do some rebus research with team mates aft sch. ended early, went to pauline's house to get my hp charger from her bro. guess what, her bro was asleep and i stood outside her hse knocking and calling pauline's name for like 30friggin mins. like a total idiot. top it off, my hp was flat. her neighbour very nice, let me use her house phone. so i called many many many ppl up trying to ask for pauline's no and her location. finally hongyao picked up and she's very sorry, the bro like pig. ahha. so i cabbed back sch,cause it was too hot to walk. ahahaha! met pauline at lib, and we exchanged phone. cause i need to use a hp badly and she doesn't. yuppp. went to find the 03 guys at sports complex.. slack ard, went squash court see ppl and talk. AHAHA. darren came at 5 and went to change for my cheerleading prac.

we had arms conditioning for ytd's prac. and we did stunts in dance studio cause it was raining. yupppp. got our positions and all for the performance and we practiced moving to our diff positions. then aft that we had thrash out session. and cheerleading prac officially ended at 1030. -.- GOSSSHHH. and so i cabbed home. YES AGAIN. the uncle wahhh, dammn freaky. cus i forgot to withdraw money before i left sch and i had 9bucks with me only. i thought maybeeeee it could cover till i reach hougang. but aft expressway reach 8plus alr, so i asked uncle to stop. and this follows

me: err, uncle u can stop me here.
uncle: huh? why?
me: oh, cause im meeting my parents here
uncle: is it because u hav not enough money?
me: huh. nono, i have.
uncle: its okay one, i can fetch u to yr block and to yr doorstep, free of charge
me: -.- *wth* oh, err dont need thanks anw bye.
-rushes off-

EWWW. he's like so grossss. he got that bian tai ah bei look laaa. so freaky. lucky i got out of cab. so i waited for a bus to bring me home and then i was home SAFELY. hahhaa.

todayyyy. had facom lab, was late for class. and thr's like no friggin bus that can bring us to tp from that busstop. the shuttle buses are like full, and one was full just before i stpped up. omfgxxxzz.. finally one came and board. ran to class. on the way thr's this grp of guys infront of me and i was running. so they were like "ehh, see see see, she late le. run run run run run!!!" omgggg luhhh, so malu.. -.- got to class, realised my beloved partner, pauline ding is even later than me. when i reached the class she just woke up. wthhh. and she came in to class only aft i finished all the circuit wiring and the class was about to end. zzzzzzz
went maths lec, was busy camwhoring with paul with my spongebob and patrick. HAHAHA! i need to revise maths on my own, i hav no idea what chongfred is lecturing about. =/ then rebus, and raymondwong took soooo long, and class was delayed, we ended like 120??? so swimming was cancelled with darren. mannxzzz, so sad laaaa, no swim :( nvm, nxt tues :D
went home where im at now. im going to pack my camping bag for the tpsu subcom camp tonight. i got like tonsssss to pack! and most importantly i need my money, to cab to UAN on sat morning. tsssk, cab again. like what dork said cabbing is addictive, i cannot agree more. hahaha.

YAY!!!! i bet u all will miss me when im away. awww dont be. :D :D :D :D :D haha, i'll uplaod pic that paul owes me, ann ann and my pics. till then! i shall rush now to pack my bag, i only hav 30min+. BYE EVERYONE!!!!
ohyes, nxt sat(19july) our first junior cheerleading performance! tampines stadium? i think so. it starts at 6. i think. but we'll be there in the morning. yupp. COME COME COME COME!!! :D :D thankssss!