Friday, July 18, 2008


everything's been so fast paced these few days(or rather weeks). i've got so many things to do and i've been ponning math lec recently. i jsut cant seem to attend his boring lec.

i've yet to practise my piano
i've yet to memorise my 8 pages script (by tml morning)
i've not touched my guitar for ages
i've not done my wrtoral
i've not completed rebus proj
i've not recovered from my knee injury
i've yet to buck up on my studies
i've yet to pack my messy room
i've not done ANYTHING to improve my current situation.
im such a failure.

and i've learnt that looking back is of no use. thanks bestie for teaching me that.

ytd tp had rugby match with combined ite and im proud to say that tp won! yay! its like combined ite hav always been the top and now they've been defeated. well, maybe it show a sign to our cheerleading team? like magnum has alwys been champion, if we put in extra effort to train more, we might hav a chance of beating them? GO BLAZERS!!!
cheer's tough. got scolded and all, but i guess its for our own good. our performance is just TOMORROW and everything's not really really in place, though most of it is there. but we just have to perfect it. yup. u know darren and i were saying that actually the name of the cca can drive ppl off. u see, his is triathlon trng is not as tough as our trng and yet the name sounds so scary, while cheerleading sounds so easy. but in actual fact, it is the other way round. haha. just some fun facts.

soooo, during practice, we were cheered on by the audiences (: they're such good crowds. i hope tml's crowd would be as awesome as ytd's crowd. :DD and and i got to loan darling sheryl senior's cheer skirt. its so coool and aweeesssooommeee!! cause its short and damn sexyyyayyyeee for ppl (not like me). hurhur. and so the end of day comes and we all retreated home, feeling tired, sweaty, sticky and all drained. on goes the rebus project!

today! i was late for facom lab. =/ im always late. alighted and went cab hailing. 3 other tp students asked me if i wanted to share cab and so why not. ran straight to class and mdmpraveena was halfway through explaining all about escalators. nvm, i can join the 2nd grp ;D i hope she didn't see me arrive late =x then, she came to me and asked

praveena: er, do u run?
me: errr, yeah.
praveena: quite often?
me: yeah, about twice or thrice a week?
praveena: okay, u want to join a relay race for fdm course? its an inter course relay competition
me: eh, okay, anything.
praveena: okay, good, its a 1.5km relay race. 3 teachers, and 5 students. a tcher will call u soon.
me: okay, thanks;D ( i dont even know why i said thanks)

yup. and mdmpraveena's cool yo. she ended her lesson 1 hour earlier. and so we all went to mac opp sch for breakfast. ;D actually wanted to pon math lec again, but decided to go in the end. heh. afterwards, swimming with darren. i managed to swim 20 laps and pull 1 lap( 2 halfs=1lap) with that board at my thighs. haha. it seriously looks wrong and feels wrong. =X haha, but its fun yo! ;D bathing! and lunch tgt. bestie went home to fetch his little brother. awwww, so cutteeeee laaa. i mean the brother. HAHA! went over bball court to look for 03 ppl and played a match with them. cause i gotta learn how to play bball -.-

bused home with brandon and we were talking of ghostttt stories on the bus mann.. and we got paranoid. HAHA! then he walked me home and went off to take another bus home. heh, OTC ah, go together!! xDDD i like ppl to walk me home. haha, it gives me a sense of security:D
i shall do my rebus now and memorise my script later and i shall head off to bed early tday. well, it doesn't seem that early, but earlier than usual. its an effort put in okay. my eyes are popping out. ROFL.

PEEEEKTURESSS!!!! 1st: vivo dinner with 03, 2nd: suqin bday, 3rd: badminton at sports complex, 4th: maths lec with paul, 5th: facom lab with paul, 6th: wenli bbq, 7th: bus with ann ann 8th: TPSU subcom camp(:

my darlinggsss! ;D

they spell L-O-V-E

madness camwhoring ;DDDD

on with rebus now. and script memorising. and i shall turn in early tday(: