Sunday, July 20, 2008


ytd performance was quite well, though last part no pop, cause the track's slippery. yeah, we performed in the rain. ;D and the i am shirt so cute. cause the team temasek shirt is not here yet, and we obviously dont hav nationals blazers top so we sprayed the "blazers"word behind the i am shirt and we all look identical ;D soo soo soo cool. im so relieved this performance is over. im so looking forward to nxt session of cheerleading practice. ppl with photos, pls send. i shall let the pictures do the talking. more pictures up nxt time!
1st: vivo dinner with 03, 2nd: suqin bday, 3rd: badminton at sports complex, 4th: maths lec with paul, 5th: facom lab with paul, 6th: wenli bbq, 7th: bus with ann ann 8th: TPSU subcom camp(: 9th: BLAZERS performance halfway done

its the night now. just now mom was hilarious. we decided to make mash potato with the instant pac, but it says serves for 5 person and we only had 2.
me: eh mummy, got alot leh
mom: aiya can finish 1 la. u eat so much
me: ehhhh waddddd.
[scoops 3 big scoops for each of us]
-we both had our 10th spoon of mash potato
mom: -giggles- a bit full leh
me: YAAA LAAA.u laaa say can finish 1..
mom: *laughs somemore* how i knowwwwwww.

and so we ended up laughing and laughing and gave the rest to our piggy daddddyyy.

haha. okay, i actually wanted to go for a run just now, but mom told me there's batman on show tonight and i forgot about my run =x im going to do my wrtoral now, then i wouldn't have to rush it tml night aft training. stupid cannot load, i cant do my online discussion board and effcom's tml! looks like im going to hav to forgo my lunch and do it during lunch break. oh wellsss. i shall go flip through lec notes later as promised to bestie;D imma good girl(:
i must train more!

blazers juniors love!

okay, we were actually posing for chengyee's cam, which is up there.

weihao extra only..

blazers seniors much loves!

before performance and it was bright and nice


aweeesssooommeee peopleee! ;D


you guys brighten up my day(:

dismount from gary's shoulders.

rooney shoulder sit me :D

dearest girls from my stunt group

my stunt group! me, kelwin, huixian and geokghee. i love you guys!

my base and i! which is retard kelwin.

kelwin thigh stand me. bryan backspot ;D

i tell u, kelwin looks friggin retard here. even he agrees. haha!

darling senior ken thigh stand!

gary shoulder sit me ;DDD

roooooneyyyyyy and me(:

han lin and me (:

bryannnnn and meeee (:

joy, han lin, pearl an, huixian, bryan, me, michelle. loves;D

me, kelwin and jolyn.

i am cheerleader ;D


BLAZERS loveeeee(:

damn nice right, the sprayed words. and my swimming costume mark is so bloody obvious.

garrrryyyy and meee (:



loveeee her!

nicccccckkyyyy pal!!! fellow sjcian, fellow blazerian!

prettaye steph!



haha, mirror shots!


JASMINES POWER!!! neo and chye

OUR PERFORMANCE VIDEO! (im somewhere at the left hand side. but we change positions. so oh well, try spotting me)

head over heels in <3