Wednesday, July 23, 2008

hey yo. i think im obsessed with working/stressing/straining myself so hard i forget about my sleep.

im feeling better now, thanks ppl for yr concern.
went swimming this morning with darren. did 18 laps. 16 normal swim, and 2 pulling. went for cheerleading training tday cause i felt better. suming everything up, we did 300 sets of abs conditioning, intensive stretching and 3 rounds around TP. and im damn proud of myself, cause i managed to stay with larry and gary throughout the run. and we were the 1st (: im so happy. heeeee.

i think the monthly thing is about to come. shitttxxzzz.
race 6 is on friday! shall tell u more bout race 6. its like an amazing race, with detour, yield, road block etc things inside. yeah, and u'll hav pitstops throughout, where u hav to solve the clue to get to the nxt pitstop and find the station master. when u reach the final pitstop, u're done for the day. there will be elimination pitstop so must make sure we're not the last to reach. its on-going for 3 days. damnnn cool. but it wont be cool if i have my thing.

yay, i jsut finished typing 2 pages of words from my geog tb for suqin aka my xiaojie :D love you girl! tml aft class will be going for race6 group meeting. ahah. then leaving to buy our presentation clothes, and my heeeeels, with suqin and pauline and maybe ruixing clique ;DDD yay, we can get to wear formal wear. hehhh! wrtoral and rebus presentation. soooo fun. one on tues, the other on wed. hahha. so coool laaaaa. i think i'll look WEIRD. =X u all shall seeeeeeee.

thurs i'll be going for my dance rehersals. at esplanade. yay! LIKE FINALLY.i've been missing it for like 2weeks alr? and yes, i wont be going for cheer training. sorry.
friday's a sch uni wearing day!!! damn coool. i miss my IJ uniform. heh! then i'll be rushing home to pack my bag for the race. fri, sat and sun out for race!

time check: 1.55am!
TIME FOR BED! im so exhausted. break time! shall continue my work tml. upload pics another time okay folks?! love ya all. nights! (: