Wednesday, July 23, 2008

IM SO HAPPPPPPY!!!! cause artiste manager just called me and i got myself a model job on 2aug! actually is pick either 1aug& 3 aug OR 2aug. 1st and 3rd got things on, so im doing on 2aug. its for the NATAS fair. the travel fair thingy. im going to be in traditional costumes like the jap and korean ones :D :D :D :D soooo damn happy. gotta go down the place to collect my costumes and go down for training THIS WEEKEND. like omgosh! i got race6!!! training will be on either sat/sun. i hope its sun!!! if sat i die. well, unless our group get eliminated during the race laaa( which is choy choy, touchwood). yeah, and once we finish our race, i'll hav to break the seal immediately and get my hp, check for the training details and rush down for training. wow, so busy..

today had race6 meeting at lib with group memebers. discussed who to bring and wad to bring. aft that, went shopping with suqin, pauline, ruixing, weijie, johnson and jonathan. went far east first. walked around and i couldn't find the perfect heels i want. FINALLY i saw one very nice at heatwave and the person called up another shop for my size. so hav to wait till 5 to get it. in the mean time, walked around, bought 2 belts and 2 earrings on the way. went to eat my lunch at LJS. den collect my shoes and headed to wisma. the guys left for home cos johnson got muay thai later. yup, so its girl power ;D went to osmose to see clothes for presentation, but don hav new and ncie ones. went G2000 as well, dont really have leh.. but i bought a top from G2000. HAHAH! walked around. went on to cine NUM! i tried many bags and i finally decided on one! its hairus red, $169!!! dammmn nice! and i BOOKED for it le. heh! (wink wink suqin) yay!!! stupid darren, now i also hav my own NUM bag! HAH! neh neh ni poo poo! ;DDDDDD

time for schedule updating!
thurs(tml): school, hang out with dele and manda, see doc, dance practice
fri: school uni day! rushing home to pack race bag, meet memebers and off to race
sat: RACE 6 /model training(if we get eliminated, choychoy)
sun: RACE 6, model training after race ends, rebus proj with weechat at my house/his house
mon: sch, cheerleading
tues: swim, sch, cheerleading
thurs: go down venue to collect modelling costumes, dance practice
fri: sch, directors cup bball, global citizenship VT CDS briefing, piano class
sat: concert rehersals, modelling at NATAS fair, bday celebration for jo dj! ;D
sun: piano, and maybe modelling job at NATAS fair again or movie with taili ;D

PHEWWWW. i must note everything down in my organiser, if not im bound to forget everything. HAHHAAH! and and peiling jsut called me to tell me she's got a modelling job from her fren for me. sometime in aug i think. woahh, i gotta squeeze it in my organiser. yay! i can earn money, im so happy!!! ;DDDDDD muhahaahaha!
okay, i think weechat got lost. he's not at my house yet. he's supposed to come over for rebus sake. HAHA! yeah, i think i better go call him. and and i should do my wrtoral now, so i can sleeeep early and not look like a zombie tml. got lots of running to do tml. running from places to places. hahaha!
tooodles everyone! :D


towning! me, xiaojie and pauline

girl powers :D

retarded ruixing attempting to give weijie love bite.

gay shit

nice right! my bag looks nice on anyone luhhh. and suqin's croc shoe hp pouch damn cuteee please. (: