Friday, July 25, 2008

short update! jsut came home from dance practice. tssssk. damn tiring. learnt half song within 2 hours plus. long time since i last danced so hard. aft dance had meeting with entire crew. i feel damn bad, cause its like this particular day everyone can meet up for compulsory rehersals den i cant! me and only me, den everyone hav to change the date again. den again i cant attend. and manager's kinda pissed. i feel damn bad laaaa, i got so many commitments.
school, cheerleading, projects, tests, study for exams, revise on own(cause i hav no idea what class is about), concert rehersals, dance practice, hang out with frens, piano class, guitar class, family day, external activities(like race6), artiste projects(like modelling & trainings), artiste school classes & trainings etc.. tsssssk, i really hope the school part is a breeze so i don hav to worry so much about it.

my eye bags & panda eyes are coming out in full force. i've been sleeping like 4am recently and waking up at like 6/7am daily. supreme lack of sleep. going to chiong rebus now. and my eyes are already closing. bloody idiotxzxzxx... off to get toothpick.

THE AMAZING RACE- RACE SIX IN APPROACHING IN LESS THAN 14 HOURS!!!!! i wont be blogging or using my hp so please forgive me if i nv reply yr msges. heh! loves all! wish me luck! ;DDDD