Wednesday, July 30, 2008

i know i've been MIA for ages. hahaha. i shan't blog about my wonderful experience during RACE6, cause i haven't gotten the pics yet. once i get all of them, i'll upload it together with the entire race journey (: i heart TP OLE

lately, i've been real busy. liek once the race ended, i immediately rushed on my rebus proj. staying up all night to finish it, staying in tp until like 1am plus to do it, foregoing my sleep. i think from start of race until today i've slept for less than(counts hard) 14hours?? yeahhh. 6 days. wow. no wonder i hav to wear specs every single day. cause my contacts caat get in. my eyes are too itchy, too small, too tired to wear it. cheerleading practices are tiring as well, taxing. but i just missed my trainings, cause of presentation preparation and my dance class/rehersals.

tday jsut had presentation, we did okay laaaa. maybe we're all tired, and we did last min preparation. but thanks MrRaymondWong for all the wonderful help(: aft sch went design sch hav lunch with choong and his frens. went outside lib to slack. deposited our bags at lounge and applied our individual medications and off to bedok reservoir to run. i managed to run 2 rounds! so proud of myself!!! nxt time must try to run 3 rounds. only until then would i be ready for nike+humanrace :D aft run, went back lounge to slack, talk and 430 went off to bathe. went the guys toilet -.- cause i dont hav toiletries, so hav to share with choong. bathed finish, changed into sports attire, artiste manager called, ask me change into formal attire for meeting client later. tssk, so change back to presentation outfit. went to do my hair and all. alot guys came in and they all STARED at me. some even thought they went into the wrong toilet. HAHAH! left shortly, went outside to do makeup.
walked out of sch, got a cab easily. got scolded by manager for being late to meet client. got to outram, find pearl centre, meet client, he explain my job scope and we went to try my costume. -.- so big the kimono. and he said im very skinny, don suit kimono, he's gonna give me either qi pao or the korean costume. so in the meantime, i've got to memorise and familiarise myself with the travelling packages of japan, china and korea. thrice the work of others. tssssk. went back to artiste office, talk with manager and left for home. dozed off on train, got dinner, homed quite early.

tday, i shall take a break from working on my nxt presentation. tml onwards den work on it,. wrtoral presentation, nxt tues. (: tml i've got piano at 430, then dance at 7 at esplanade. i better eat first, later kena scolded again. and i cant be late!!!!!
okay, my eyes are swollen, small and tired. shall go rest them now. tata everyone!

pictures im owing everyone; 1) BBQ pics 2) uniform day 3) RACE6 4)presentation pics!