Friday, August 01, 2008

heyyy yooo! pics not all in yet, so i wont blog bout race6. hahaa, but just beware.

ytd aft sch had FDM SUBCOM interview. ;D hmm, know quite some ppl inside. had fun during it. hahaa. aft that rushed down to piano class. i admit i didn't practice my pieces and they were some how sucky. heh. but my tcher damn nice 1. ;D this coming sun nxt lesson, gotta dril on exams pieces alr. piano ended ard 530. parents ended work early and drove to my piano class to take my piano books with them so i don hav to lug it to dance. heeee. had dinner with them. steamed fishhead dinner. damn healthy. haha. trained down to cityhall, had dance! so damn happy! cause i managed to rmb all the steps for half the song and teach imelda as well. whilst teaching her, i rmb the steps better. ;D love you girl!

tday's francis's bday. HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY MISTER! ;D had bday cake and all. met choong check out movie timings, met hong and gary. watched dark knight! DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN NICEEEEEE!!! go watch it everyone!!! ;DDDDD and get ready for some butt sores or pins-and-needles in yr legs for the show is approx 2hr30min. haha, but worth it and u dont feel the drag cause its all rising climax. nice! went back tp, changed and had bball director's cup. we won 1 round and lost the 2nd. its quite okay laaa, the 2nd team was really rough, yeah.. nvm, we were top6. HAHA! good game TP OLE <3
left before they had dinner, cause tml got work. tml i'll be working at NATAS fair for UAN. models in traditional costumes giving out flyer, we're so called flyer artistes. yuppp. its like morning 9plus to 10plus at night, expo. so if u guys wanna get good deals for travel, come down to expo, my booth's NAMHO TRAVEL. do support(: ohohoh, i've got another modelling job in oct. for the opening of some events. not really sure, but sounds cool. thanks TY darl<3

i shall go do a little of my wrtoral and grab some beauty sleep. its gonna be a long day tml. and i've gotta be on heels. its gonna kill. nighty night nights everyone! kill those eyebags, sleep early (:

pictures i STILL owe everyone: 1) BBQ pics 2) uniform day 3) RACE6 4) rebus presentation