Tuesday, August 26, 2008

& my bangs are starting to show signs of disobedence =/

todaayyyyeeeeee i was a good girl. i woke up at 6am odd to read through facom and reached sch late for exams -.- was bout 15-20min latee??? but i managed to finish the ppr. aft that bused down to clarke quay with darren to collect our nike human race kit. a little mishap happened, making me ROFL and darren simply squatted thr giving nonsensical comments -.- lunced at our all-time-fav, subbbwayyyyy! and went back schooool. the goooodieee bag's real goody. i love the 1LITRE nikebottle & not to foget that cute little SMALL dri-fit race shirt i got. so much for being US sizing uhhh.

mugged at lib like seriously! was dammmmn stressedddd upppp. sky kept making fun of my bangs by saying he wants some curtains for the window. -.- mugged till my eyes popped, brain cells drained out, head thinking of maths maths and more maths. left for exams at 7pm. yes u heard me right. fancy having MATHS exams at 7pm in the night, when our previous paper ended at 1130am -.- how hilarious. anw, completed the ppr. went opp sch with stanley to get some food, thinking that i actually hav dinner at home(which i actually DO NOT have) and thus not eating so much. bused home and stanley walked me homeeee. yay, he's my nice neighbour ;D

junkfod tin carrier is absolutely loveeeeeee. well, besides carrying it will hurt yr fingers and hitting it will cause a slight dent/scratch, its quite loveable(:

tune in to emo

BANG! u're caughtttt

elmo loves to camwhore


presenting nonsense partner! (:



emo has taken a toll on us

as we cramp our heads with facom, rebus and math.

still owing: 1)uniform day 2) sentosa with 03 3) bangs with besties 4) jy and meee
5) twister time at jy's house 6)my hp piccccsssss