Saturday, August 23, 2008

bert was damn funny on fri. he came over jy's place for study session and we went home tgt. on the way home, he accompanied me to buy Q cards. it was raining and clever chye brought along an umbrealla so we both shared an umbrella. and the scenario was dman funny. both of our slippers were like friciton-less and we almost slipped and fell quite a few times. bert almost slipped like 6 times and me 3. HAHA! and and here comes the funny part. we were walking like on the pavement and i saw a dead cockroach but i still suddenly scream out loud! AND BERT GOTTTT A BIG BIG BIG BIG SHOCK OF HIS LIFE. and a few seconds later he went "EH dont suddenly shout like that lehh!!!! u scare the hell out of me u know!" LOOOOLL. im sorrry bert, im extremely terrified of cockroaches, whether dead or alive.

tday went shopping with josephine. bought 2 puma tops, 2 shoes, 1 sock. went to citylink and num. called daryl up see if he's working, or he knows the ppl working inside. he knows 1 guy inside but dont like him, the other guy new guy so dont really know. so i cant get discount. manxxzz, nvm, thanks daryl (: that guy damn cute, he asked if im buying the tin carrier for my bf anot. HAHA! went for meeting. den suntec dance. omggg, TPDE participated, i think 1st and 3rd grp good(: 1st grp is andreas& the male seniors grp. 3rd grp is badd's grp. haha. dinnered with UAN artistes @ HK cafe. yummmm. met timoooo at orchard at around 9pm??? actually thought he can get me discount at num for my tin carrier, but sadly not available. its okay, so i bought it at its original price, 40bucks. (: itssss dammmmn cuteeee! i show u pic of it. hahaha! i shall bring it to sch one day! and sorry timo, for making u ps yr parents and go on a wasted walk with me. hehhhh. anw! we shall meet up again soon okay! ;D

PEEEKTURES OF THE DAY!((((: still owing: 1)uniform day 2) sentosa with 03 3) bangs with besties 4) jy pics and mine at sch

tim and i are arguing. is this PURPLE or PINK? please give yr honest reply by tagging on my tagboard. i think its purple. (:

told u my bangs would eat up my face (:
savin damn nice, he said i look nice in bangs. AWWWW.

adriel and i webcaming. HAHAH! his stupid pro lappy can do effect, look at his pic. -.-