Thursday, August 21, 2008

morning people! recently, chye's been frequenting nonsense partner's place and eating up all her food in the house and her mom's a real sweetie(: love you nonsense partner:D
examsss examsss examssss! we all complain about having them. but well, they do serve a good purpose in the future. they provide you with the opportunity of having a nice expensive dip cert which allows you to upgrade into a deg and a BA and a masters. and a bright future awaits you.

you know, i should stop thinking so much. aft reading this phrase from dork's blog, "happiness need not be pursued,it must be embraced(:" i think it makes quite some sense to my entry some time ago. i should stop thinking so much and well, perhaps carry on with life. what is meant to be yours, will be yours one day.

recently, my cousin passed away in australia. sad to say, she was murdered by her bf over money matters. she is an intelligent girl, her boss had gave her his entire company to manage and she earns millions of dollars. and she's only schooling there. she works part time and earns so much. anw, her bf cheated her money and threatened to push her off the building if she doesn't give him more. she didn't and thus the misfortune. uncle and aunty were distraughted when they heard about the news and aunt fainted. they just touched down in indo aft collecting her ashes. some people are jsut so money minded that they can give up anything for it. im sorry to hear about that. i hope my uncle&aunty are doing fine over at indo, i hope that they would not dwell so much over it. as for the funeral wise, i have no idea, since im having exams soon.
my cousin was a very nice lady, she cares selflessly for others and i love her forever. R.I.P sister.

i wonder what lies in the future for me