Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I JUST GO MY BANGGGSSS!!! photos of the entire day in paddy's phone, shall upload aft i get them. hahaa. my bangs are curtain-ish :D but cool yo. hahaha! very funny, but i like them(((:

sooo dork was late as usual. paddy and i reached tgt cause she stalked me at kovan busstop xD fann the hairstylist is nice! i think she's gonna be my permanent hairstylist:D aft haircut, cabbed down to compass point. had MOS for lunch and we crappedd like crazy. bitched as usual, and talked about our lives, our class, everything that's happening. i love my girlfriends! they're the best thing that happened in my life(:

dork left at 2, cause she has piano and paddy& i went lib to study! haha. well, i did study, and since her exams are over, she played with lappy and influence me to watch porn. LOOOOOLL.
now she's scouting for books and im using her lappyyy to bloggggg. her keyboard's spastic. its like so small and so hard to find the letters. HAHA!!! ohoh, and thr's 3 TP engine sch guys near me. haha, so coincidental. i know they're fr tp cause they were holding the math1 book. cool man. ahah, okay random.

time to leave now. we're going to eat icecream and im treating paddy(: im such a nice friend. muhaha! daddy's gonna come later to get my 3G sim card and fetch me homeeeee. and im going to slack and watch tv tnight. haha.
there's school tml mannnxxzzz, rebus. tsssssk. then going jy's place and A's place to reherse((((:
sorry ann for ps :((