Monday, August 18, 2008

craaaapp. i just realised my stamina is not really good. i happen to chance upon some ppl's blog and i realise that they can actually run as fast as i do, or maybe even faster. i think when it comes to sports, im kinda competitive, but not to the extent of running side by side with the person, just to see if i can outrun he/she.

spent a fruitful day at jiaying's place studying, well until the guys disturbed us with games. i was the earliest to arrive! then wayhong, then choong, then sky& gilbert. hong damn funny! cause thr's this real misleading piece of frame stuck ontop of jy's door ,which has tamil lookalike characters on it, so all of us thought we went to the wrong house and stood outside for quite some time. so hong decided to shout"JIAYING". i heard wayhong's voice calling jiaying and u know what jiaying thought it was??!! GARANG GUNI!!! omgggg. dammmmn funnyyyy.. so we did math tday, and jy's house damn cool, everything self service and she has like a super wide variety of food and drinks. omgg, her house is like heaven. and her mom bought nasi lemak for us, and made waffles with icecream of restaurant standard. dammn shiok. aft doing maths, we played twister! HAAHHA! all our positions damnnnn superrr funnnyyy!!!! (*winks) shall show u guys the pics when jy sends me.

alvin is an interesting creature to talk to, can shoot lotsa bullets. HAHA!

alvin damn sad i keep shooting him that he's crying his heart out..

TOMORROW'S BANGS DAY!!! soooo exciting! and and paddy goh's coming as well! yay! i got my 2 bestie's companion for cutting bangs. im so touched. HAHA! and study aft that with paddy. stupid taili cant make it cause he wants to mug -.- like he will, alone. okay, so i think i'll read facom notes tml. ;D

i think clubbing is on for hols(:
tata! sleep tight everyone. and dont miss me(: