Sunday, August 17, 2008

dont u agree that we people take things for granted, and only realise their values when its gone? i think i do. im starting to feel that i neglected X in the past, taking X for granted. when its all gone, i start to reminisce. perhaps its like this. i long for the past and i guess its unexplainable. now we go our separate lifes, awkward moments when we meet. i wished we weren't like this now, i really miss you. but sometimes u give me false hopes and leave me hanging here. i am hanging no where now, not daring to take any step. a smart part of me doesn't wish to cling on anymore, break free, live a fresh new life. another dumb part of me holds on to a litttttle teeeny weeeny hope. i have no idea what to do now, whether to move on or to hang there, or to go back. im trying hard to move on. well, things are kinda bright, but sometimes cloudy. i am a human afterall. and when things get rough, i do long for someone to lean on. sadly, no one offers. sometimes i get sudden mood swings, to my emo side, and that's the very ultimate point where im on the verge of breaking down but holding back.
argh, there's so much going through my mind, i really need a break from thinking about all these.

sorry guys, ain't in the mood for blogging bout my activity tday, shall do it another day.