Saturday, August 16, 2008

yoooolloooooohhooooo! new term(:

tday's concert rehersals was likeeeee. getting scolded. but im in the wrong, though unknowningly. hiaxx, long story. shan't elaborate, im not supposed to anyway. lots to memorise again. ARGHHHJASFAHFAKNAKFAFIHEWRIOWTMCW...
ohyes, i got my pay for NATAS job. $$$ cheeekkkiiinnngggg $$$

went fisherman wharf(?) with mom and the fish&chips friggin oily. but the fish is tender&nice(: how contradicting. ohwells, shopped at town for awhile. bought 2 tops from mango. lalaed. homebound. went to view showflats with dad for business. den he wanted to go over to punggol to see our new house. and so we went.

and he bought the house. okay, the house is actually a condo. the design of the house is condo and downstairs, the lift thr got gate, and intercom so if my frens wanna come over hav to call me den they can come in and we ourselves hav card to tap laaa. yeah, but its not exactly a condo cause the comany which built it closed down adn hdb took over. so its a hdb now. and its pretty small. yeah. but its not for me and my bro laaa. its more for our parents. u see, aft my bro's ntu uni, he's going overseas to further his studies. and for me, im usually not at home, only at night to sleep and my parents will be sending me overseas to further my studies aft poly. so the new house smaller easier for my mom to clean up lor. yupppp. and she doesn't like to clean up our current mansionette, cause its huge and nobody helps out. whoopssyy=X

so i'll be in my current hougang house for 4 more months(earliest shifting over is dec, latest is march). ppl, if u wanna go home with me, take this opportunity and treasure it. LOLLLL.. but i'll miss my neeighbours and friends i ahve over here at hougang.
no more yanyi, my same bday sister, prisch+secsch classmate, my neighbour for close to 10years
no more glenda darlinggg! (prisch MATE and darrrrliinggg for close to 10years)
no more jasmine ong(pri sch classmate)
no more going to sch with chat in morning
no more coming home with robin,choong and others
no more meeting manda and wong on bus
no more usual ppl at the ever crowded 27 exchange 23 busstop.
and many many many many more things to be sacrificed

and i'll be so ever lonely at punggol :( i wonder if my new neighbours are nice and if by any chance any one studies in tp??! new houseeeee. again. actually this will be llike my "first" time im shifting house. previously i did la, but i was so young, not even pri sch, so i dont hav any memory of it. now i'll be shifting house for my FIRST time and i'll redecorate my roooom and the house! bro and i alr thought of what to buy and where to place our stuff. here's a rough idea. hahaha!

plans for tml. piano class in morning. and i shall meet mr alvin & darren first at town. then the rest of the ppl at 1230 and go for job training. so excittttiiinngggg. i certainly hope i dont spill anything. im quite clumsy by nature -.- and i've never served before. tssssskkk. nerrrvvoouuusssssss....
savin's being a bad influence on me. he's persuading me to go zouk on 13sept AND drink as well. tsssskkk. badddddddd guyyyyy!!!! i shall see how. im a good girl now (: arggggghhh, kay im debating with myself. lalalalalalalalala. i think......
that's all for tday. shall turn in early again. i've been sleeping rather early recently, that's a good thingggggg. ;D nighty nights to all(: