Tuesday, August 26, 2008

i officially slacked the entire day. i just dont know why but rebus ain't getting into my head. =/ im sooooo dead meat for tml. ohwellsssss.

horrrrraaayyy for tml, for is the last day of exams and we all can fly like free birds. but! for this week, i'll be training for nike humanrace on 31 aug. haven't been training for at least a week man! top it off, darren and i are in the complete-the-race-within-65min category, craaaapp, i better not malu myself by finishing last.

thus, i've decided to go swim tml with darren aft rebus. well, he's not too sure if he wants to swim or not. but in any case, if he's not swimming, i'd not swim, instead, i'll go running! i found a digi watch! which happens to be my bro's. but he'll lend me(: then, evening, parents coming to tp to fetch me and we're going out for dinner. ;D yeah yeah yeah!

BEST VIDEO OF THE YEAR!!!!! WATCH IT AND U'LL WANT TO SHARE IT WITH OTHERS. (warning: watch with an empty stomach yeah?) enjoy!

world's biggest ___ =/


oh, and some people are just so annoying. i shall give u an example. this random guy, lets name him R. i tell u teh story and u rate if he's weird and a pain in the ass. R knows me through friendster and obviously i wont talk too much/ indepth with ppl i dont really know. so R claims that im being really rude. so im like hello, i dont really know u okay and we barely talked. R goes, that's bcos u dont reply me on msn and its not only once. im thinking"OMG, like u can control what i want to do" but i said, oh, cant i be busy at time. R goes, this is not good, u're alwys not replying me and how am i suppose to meet u out. im like WHO SAYS I'LL GO OUT WITH YOU. (im sorry, i just dont like his attitude) and R continues, this is not good, i think it'll be a good idea if u leave yr hp no. at least i can contact u when u disappear. im like OH I DONT THINK ITS A GOOD IDEA. R goes on, im going to sue u, and i'll lodge a compliant first. im like on what basis are u doing so? R says because u're rude to a national army cadet. (like wth, u think u very big ah.) so i went oh isit, then im being very nonsensical and rude to my frens who are in army, and does that mean everyone has to sue me as well. well, if that's the case then u jolly well make sure every lawyer is awaiting to handle my caseS of being rude to army cadets.

omg, like wth! this guy is uberly GROSSSSS. loserrrr..

i jsut realise rebus is fr chap10-18. and i thought it was from 13. -.- thanks jy for telling me. i gotta go dig out chap 10, and i think 11&12 probably flew away. nvm, i'll just make do with 10. toodles. anw, swimming's on for tml! yay! i miss the pool. but my poor bangs are gonna suffer from the chlorineeee.