Wednesday, August 27, 2008


i was dammmmn stressed tday before rebus exams, and during the exams i guess its kinda okay. yeah, went swimming after wards. didn't bring my towel, what the fissssh. so i used toilet roll to clean myself and blow dry myself and my hair. and i didn't dare to face the world with my ugly wet bangs. but after awhile it settled down and was alright. i love you bangs. ;D
bused down to jln besar and parents came to fetch me. went geylang for dinner and i was filial kid to accompany them to watch ge tai okay!!! i stood for like 2hrs???! watching the show, and msging ppl as well, until my batt went flattttt. =/ got home and here i am!

plans for tml! robin's gonna be a nice guy and come down to my house busstop to meet me so we can go to sch tgt ;D meeting at 820am, then gym and run at 1030. bedok reservoir i guess. since its more fun. haha. then off to swim pool to bathe and lunch tgt! since thr's no shopping tml, i can go down to suntec and pay raymond a visit at the IT show cause he said he hasn't seen me in quite some time. haha. and i can get free gift from him. HEH! u're the besttt raymondddd mannn! aft that meeting glenda and samuel for frolick ;D and off to dance afterwards.

friday supposed to go out with taili. but that idiot got sick so im going back to my sec sch, which is my beloved SJC, for tchers day celebration. and i think aft that we GIRLS shld be hanging out, probably at town or sth? maybe can meet up with fatty, duck and others since they requested to meet up with me. HEH!!! i missss everyone can!!! must take like tons tons and tons of pics on fri yeah loves? (:

i just spent like damn long uploading the photos and picking pictures out from other albums for uploading. but i shan't upload all, cause it'll be too much and my entire post will be like clogged up. haha, so here's these for now. sentosa with 03 pictures!
still owing: 1)uniform day [picked out pics alr!;D]2) sentosa with 03 3) bangs with besties 4) jy and meee 5) twister time at jy's house 6)my hp piccccsssss

xiaojie and i! and my superb photography skills which turned ben into sky. haha

part of OLE team. and camwhore self(:

SHANGRI-LA HOTEL IS LOVEEE MAN! and so is xiaojie!

comffffy bedddds and cool corridors!

our room! and joyful lemon barely.

morgannnyyyy and i! ;D

guyyssss playing soccer with volleyball. tsssskkkk.

im going to get up! AND I DID! ;DDD

adrinnnyyyy and i! xDDDDDD

hotttaaaaayyyyeeeeee sisterrrrrrrrr

i just love to call them stupid guys. hahaha! and thanks rasa sentosa for the wish! HAHA

xiaojie, gary and me! gary msut be fortunate mann! next pic: me, chuxian and half angela. haha!

me & huiling! ;D next pic: me and skyyyyy

OLE. me, wayhong, sky next: branndoooonnn and choooooonnngggg.

till then! time for bed. waking up at 7am tml! gotttt sooo many things to do tml. haha.
takecare all loveeeesssss! <3