Friday, August 29, 2008

hello all. im in a depressed state of mind now. i twisted my toe ytd and now the feet area nearest it is swollen. i walk with a friggin limp and every step hurts like hell. i wonder how am i supposed to run on sun for nike human race. i want to run and complete the entire race no matter what. show u photo of my poor feet now.

see the slightly discoloured bump inbetween the 3rd and 4th toe at the feet area.

and this. can see slightly discoloured. my front camera not that good laaa.

if u see it real life, its like a bump which is actually measurable. =/ im damn fucking depressed now. i cant challenge myself to complete the race within a certain time frame, cause i cant run now. i was really really looking forward to getting my best time for this race. ARGHHHH. im dammmmn pissed off with myself.
okay, no matter what, i will still run and complete(if possible) the race. am talking to duke now. he's telling me all the things to do for my sunday run. i think i need to go buy painkillers den i'll eat before the race so i wont feel the pain during the race. after race den say la.

kay, off to bathe and going back sec sch for tcher's day celebration. then meeting glenda for shopping. hiaaaaxxxxx, tday no heels. :((