Saturday, August 30, 2008

yoyoyo! im in a better spirit now. i think i shld just do my best in running tml and not think so much bout my injured leg. anyway, i shall blog bout ytd's adventures(:

ytd was tchers day. went back my sec sch, SJC. i realise i've got the coolest bunch of tchers in town man. check out their stint. they performed for us(last item-as usual). 1st performance; 6 male tchers act as kungfu panda & master wugui(those baby bath tub was tied to his back as tortise shell. LOL) and they started their retarded kungfu fight with mr sim as singlish voice over. there's also male tchers singers and female chinese dancers. and, u know thr's this female orchestra? yeah, all black, damn cool. our female tchers did that, and they used guitar and acted as cello. -.- omgggg, dammmmn lame but it was damn funny at the same time. and and, thr's hairspray dance. and i cant rmb alr. but overall, i think our tchers did a wonderful job! i loveeeeee them! shall upload pictures another time.
went to see the tchers and i swear, everyone, from tchers to ex classmates couldn't recognise me. they jsut glance past and they suddenly look back again. HAHA! its like OMGGGGG, CHYEEEE!! I CANT RECOGNISE U!!! haha. yeahh. ;D chatted with couple of tchers, left aft that. cabbed to buangkok station cause thr's tons of ppl at sengkang. met glenda at hougang for samuel to examine my feet. tssssk, dammn sad.

i finally got to meet up with my girlfriend glendaaaa dinggg! she told me she went back pri sch and she told me sth dammmn unbelieveable. cause last time in pri sch im sleeping queen. like in exams i slp cannot be woken up and ppl hav to put wet cloth over my face. so during 1 of the exams, ms wan was our tcher and everyone tried hard to wake me up but to no avail, so ms wan suggested putting wet cloth on my face and eventually i woke up. omgg, and guess what ms wan told glenda???!! she told her that she still rmbs me and until now, she tells her various class about me and my sleeping adventure and how they cant wake me up and hav to use the wet cloth. omgggg, im like history in the sch, like everyone rmbs me!!!! glenda as well, she's the trouble maker. HAHA! we're histories! omgg, and ms wan's like my pri4 tcher. how cool. i thought she forgot about me. ahhaha!

anw, went to get banggglllyyy banglesss! lunched at nydc. we ordered three amigo, hawaiian baked rice, oreo obsession and solid gold. 2 main course, 2 cheesecake with icecream. MYGOSH! it was dammmmmmmmnn filllinggg and costly as well -.- went to walk ard far east, bought some essential stuff. haha didn't get to buy my heels in the end, cause i cant try my the other feet for the heels. yeahh:( homed quite early, ard 8plus? rested my poor feet.

didn't go rehersals cause my feet's too pain, plus i cant dance with that feet of mine. so i'd rather not go. rsaf with nonsense partner(: love her. shall blog bout the details and pictures when i get them(((: met parents to go chinatown. went thr to see the sinsei for my feet. and went OG to pick granny's bday present. got it. sinsei say i fracture my toe and feet bone, have to rest for quite long. he say if i tml really want to run the nike human race, its at my own risk. he advised me to rub deepheat or sth den wrap it up real tight. yup, but whether it'll swell aft the race is not confirmed la.. and and, if it gets worse, i'll hav to cast my feet for at least 4months :(((((( nike humanrace is all i've got.
i hope i don finish last tml. haha. and sorry bestie for making u run alone last min =/

later on, went to compass point to change my SIM card, cause it slike spoilt and i cant really use it alr, so i've got it changed. at the same time, we bought a hp and guesss whattt?!!!! I GOT A PAIR OF AVRIL LAVINGE CONCERT TICKETS!!!!!!! and im going with paddygoh! paddy, u better thank me for giving u such a greattt opportunity. and its on 7sept. hurhur, on 7sept, i've got piano in the morning, den F1 training at Ritz Carlton, then rush down to indoor stadium for avril's concert. haaahaaaaa, bussssyyy.

still owing: 1)uniform day [picked out pics alr!;D] 2) sentosa with 03 3) bangs with besties 4) jy and meee 5) twister time at jy's house 6)my hp piccccsssss 7) tchers day celebration 8) glenda girlfriend pics 9) rsaf show with nonsense partner

shiiiitttt, i just banged into the wall just now cause i accidentally offed the lights and i bent my toe and its like OUCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! o.OOOO yeeooowwccchh