Friday, August 08, 2008

talk about being lazy, i think im the queen of all. i actually wanted to set my heart & soul practicing piano but halfway through i just got fidgety and got off the chair. heeeheee. im damn hopeless please. D:

swam 20 laps tday aft sch with darren. mmhmm, considering the fact that my entire body was aching way before i swam, its quite an achievement tday(: my hair's in a tangle & it reeks of chlorine. =/ im superrrrr happy i finally bought my flipflops, and im seriously considering buying that cute but retard num tin carrier which im not even sure if i'll use it. but if i buy it, i'll bring it to sch one day & u guys will get jealous of it. muhaha.

ytd was camwhoring day cus retarded shitface was with me. danced ended reallll late ytd. like 10plus close to 11? yeah, cause we had to clean up steps as well as learn new ones. & i've got another dance to learn. hoho, come for the concert and u'll find out what i've been doing during the countless rehersals we had.
ohyes, did i mention i danced barefooted cause my shoe was slippery, and i stepped on a f-king nail and my feet bled? yeah. ouch.

i think my command of english is deproving. i so conveniently spoke a string of chinese words to paddy and i got a shock of my life. im starting to develop a habit of speaking in chinese or chinese-direct-translation-to-eng.. ohmygosh. i mean if u used to speak like this in yr sec sch i have no comments, but i used to speak purely eng back in sec sch and now i look like a cheena wannabe freak. gosh!

anyway, tml's fun in the sun :D meeting choong on the train at 1040 and i bet thr'll be ppl who'll be late for sure. definitely! okay, im gonna pack my stuff later, well, or maybe tml. im too lazy now. there's OLYMPICS later!!! muhahaha! i think people are more focused on olympics than national day. ppl like me! i just realised ytd that national day is tml! -.- rightttt, how patriotic of me =x

pictures i STILL owe everyone: 1) BBQ pics 2) uniform day 3) RACE6 4)random pics in my 20080803 folder(laptop) 5) NATAS fair 6)wrtoral presentation 7) outing with paddy



i savour every moment(: