Thursday, August 07, 2008

HELLOOOXXZZZZ. i decided to skip school tday. haha! cause cads only self prac, i bet ppl will talk and talk and i'll just waste my time. afterwards is maths lec, i doubt i'll be listening so no point going. facom lec cancelled. thus, skipping sch shld be the best option. i get to sleep more and i just finished shawn's present. ;D yay! so happy.

meeting paddygoh at 12 later and im going shopping! and dance at 7. im getting jumpyyyy bout dancing, cause i loveeee our routine and the steps are oh so cool. hahha.

PLEASE support UAN livelive concert! its going to be held at RELC International Hotel Auditorium (beside shangri la). get your tickets from me if u haven't. 25bucks each, numbered seats. thanks many much loves!

sounds like thr's no sch tml. hahaha. but there is! until 1pm only. then swimming and home. pack bag for sat's sentosaaaa. ;D MR SUN, HERE I COME!!! im gonna get tanned. must must bring lotsa tanning oil.

im aching all over the place, i cant even get down the bed this morning. okay, im going to look out for more NUM merchandises later. i think i want a pair of shorts now. since i have their party tank, 2 flipflops, and a bag(going to have it soon), i want shorts now. OHOH, I WANT THAT REALLY CUTE JUNK FOOD TIN CARRIER. omgggg, its like daaaaa cutest thing everrrr! like totalllyyyyy. (bestie wink wink) hahaha!

IM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BOREDDDD NOWWWWWWW. please let my day be productive. shall end here. enjoy the pictures. im going to update that rusty n801's blog. haha. go visit.

look! the smart blazer group of 02.

THIS PICTURE IS DAMN PRECIOUS. cause our rich &famous ppl dont take pictures and i had to pull jinghao in so he would take.. hiyooohhh.

me, ann, rooney, bingxun and wenli. ;D

wrtoral presentation (:




stupid weijie take 1 picture also so difficult, make me look so retarded.

pam and i (:

janelle :D

me, joyce, pam and rachel

flyer artistes (((:

lovely girls.

pammmmmyyyyy loveeess!
random class photos

during maths tutorial. hahaa

wrtoral practice presentation. muhahaa

shopping day.