Wednesday, August 06, 2008

i wanted to say sth sophisicated, but i forgot wad is it. ohwelly, u guys are not fated to read my words. HAHA. -.- kay, lame.

lets blog from monday(:
went sch ealy at 8 to do effcom in lib. halfway got real sian of it, met darren at mushy went class. dduring break went bistro to reserve seats for wed, cause toptable no more seats alr. ate kway chap at mensa. omgg, my first time! hahaha, not bad siaaaa. had cads assignment, omg, so caught offguard. didn't finish my windows and doors. i realised i put everything damn nice inside, den i saw i didn't subtract away the wall, so no hole. -.- ARGHHHH. den effcom test, i think damn hard can. halfway through the test, some ppl fighting outside, dman noisy can. acc to the ppl outside, this indian guy misplaced his hp and he was damn anxious and he started scolding WAD THE FARK FARK FARK FARK -.- den this chinese guy foudn his hp and return to him but he still continued scolding. so the chi trying to calm him down and the indian shouted "why u raise yr voice at me " and the chi cannot take it and blah blah, u should know, violent guys.. hahaha! den aft that was maths test, ugh! i forgot to divide the angle by 2!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

VTCDS briefing later on, ho chinh ming city. eh, not very appealing to me, so i think im gonna give it a miss, i'll go the next VTCDS, heard its shanghai. parents don mind paying more for me to go thr. PLUS THE SHOPPING IS HEAVENLY. *sniggerrrsss* HAHA
cheerleading later on, ended our session ard 11 odd? cabbed home afterwards, cause need to do wrtoral presentation. slept ard 4/5odd?

woke up at 8odd, met darren at sch.. he went swimming and i continued my wrtoral. changed into presentation clothes and went toff to bistro to meet robina dn alvin for lunch. photos up later :D rebus lec cancelled, slack at lib, thanks darren and robin for helping me!! ;DD wrtoral presentation was okay, not bad (: slack at mush with classmates, choong, alvin adn robin. went for cheerleading prac. did running, conditioning, some queer stretching and idk how to describe it(the muscle cramp one. haha)and all sorts of tumbling, cartwheel etc etc.

tday i just realised that my beloved CP, mr cheng actually goes bloghopping. HAHA! and i think he reads my blog. hello mr cheng! if u're reading this. ahhaah. we met jessmin for lunch tday at bistro! she's one of those who gave us a ride during our amazing race from haw par villa to bukit batok. haha! and we foudn out that TP is actually her client. ahaha. the AV stuff(like projectors) in eng sch as well as the cutlery in TCA are provided from her company. damn coool! learnt quite some stuff from her, she's very knowledgeable. just nice 02 ppl and mr wong came into bistro. ahahaa. our food took damn long to arrive, so they compensated us with icecream(: lunched till 2plus?? went to mensa to celebrate xinhui's bday, WHOOPS sorry peeeeps, heh!!! went back bistro. joined 02 for their zhong ji mi ma. ohh, the gross game i used to play with my besties in sec sch. hahaha! when i came into the game, only darren, val and alvin were the only ones left who hasn't kena the gross food. just nice, i sucked all their luck away, esp the person nxt to me, which is darren, and he kena the number. and his turn to set the number, when it was my turn, the range was 10-30, i just have to choose 12, and so suay, it was his number. mannxxxzzz, ate that stupid gross salty donno wad thing. HAHA! but it was fun. took photo. send me the pictures pretty pleaseeeee ;D ohyes, and i signed up as iguide tday(: and i did the handprint thingy tday, forced by chiu jie, tsk, red painttttt. hahaha

went off lib with darren to study. half of the time we were talking. -.- and wanting to sleeeep/ hahhaa. ohwells, after a hearty meal, who cannot resist a short nap. haha. went to sports complex for our individual ccas. tday mine was personal and optional training. ran 5km around the stadium, did basic conditioning, frontroll, backroll, cartwheel and gyming afterwards. besides my aching shoulders, my butt is aching as well, and i dont know why. =x HAHA! jsut nice going home saw darren and friends, so walked tgt to opp sch and they went for dinner while i went to get my drink and homed.

IM MEETING PETRINA GOH TML!!! yayzzxx! going to heeren to get my NUM flipflops:D den we shall study tgt and i'll be going for my dance later at 7pm @esplanade (: yayyyyy!! im so happppy. ;DDDDD and im pleased with myself too, i've decided to go swimming on fri, supposed to go clubbing, cause its M's 21st bday and he asked me to comeeeeee, he booked the club. darn! im sorry M! i gotta go sentosa the next day, so i dont think its possible for me to club. and bestie say go swimming better. aha! soyeah! im going swimming aft sch on fri. yay! i miss swimming like hell lots laaa!

pictures i STILL owe everyone: 1) BBQ pics 2) uniform day 3) RACE6 4) rebus presentation 5)random pics in my 20080803 folder(laptop) 6) NATAS fair 7)wrtoral presentation

paulineeee and me(:

this keeps us alive

turn you upside down


this is bestie darren and me!
and he's the cleaner of the day

together with gay partner, alvin. haha
stupid robin jealous of my face. hahaha!

this is before eating. robin's being retarded

this is after eating with robin's mouth full of brownie! if u zoom in, u can actally see the bits of black brownie. -.-

bestieeeeee ;D

trust me, he's more retarded then me HAHAHA!

maid + cleaner of the day! HAHAHAH! sorrry laaaaaaaaa..

china man wannabes

ben and i! i think he actually tiptoed. =x