Sunday, August 03, 2008

arrrrrlloooowwwwwoooohhhh! im back from my shopping adventure! and i bought quite some stuff. lets seeeeee, the weather's sizzling tday. random! ;D

FIRST STOP, WISMA! chiong straight to G2000, picked out many clothing and went to try it on, though the fitting room stated "MAX 3PCS". everyone stared at me when i walked out of the fitting room. haha! i bet i must have looked smart :D so in the end, i bought a purple top, black striped long sleeved shirt, a pair of pants, and a blazer! ;D the price was NICE as well. -.- next on, went hula and co! bought a black little dress(: next next on, forever 21! bought 2 tops and a pair of shades :D the fitting room queue was hideous. =.= almost died of human stroke. next next next on, charles and keith! i damn @#$&%$#! cause just as i was about to take that pair of gladiators to try, some bitch took it and never returned. it was the last pair $$#%&#!$%&#*&&%$# cheeeeebongggg! pfffft.

NEXT STOP, TAKA! next next next next stop, mangoooo! bought a top there. fitting rooom is like holey -.- know why? cause the so-called "curtain" covers only the middle portion of yr cubicle and the sides are like empty. so anyone walking past can just see everything through the mirror. these ppl are damn smart to design fitting rooms like this. tsktsktsk. next next next next next stop, ARMANI EXCHANGE! yay! bought a bottom there. OHSHIT, I JSUT REALISED I MISSED MY ZARA STORE. cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeboooooooooooooonnggggggg. ugh!

fine, be that way. i bought auntie annie's sour cream & onion((((: yummmm! super super delicious! mom said she'll treat me to nice food. and i was wondering when does she NOT treat me when we're out tgt? funny eh. hahaa. anw, dinnered at some cheeeeenaaa restaurant -.- meaning chinese restaurant. idk whassup with cheena restaurants & parents. they just love to dine there. as if their service is fabulous. stupid waitress. i think im prejudiced. am i? well, i think i am, so no comments is required. haha.

mom says i need to study very hard, cause i spent hell lots and all branded goods. so she say u MUST study hard, earn lots of money and get a rich husband for a bonus -.- okayyyy. i shall look for him at once.

today! jsut 2 pics, cause i think my blog looks wordy.

dearest mummy and i (:

swirls of colours

pictures i STILL owe everyone: 1) BBQ pics 2) uniform day 3) RACE6 4) rebus presentation 5)random pics in my 20080803 folder 6) NATAS fair
the almighty wrtoral is killing my brain cells. tata.

im getting more busy as the days passes. school, exams, projects, cheerleading, dance rehersals, concert rehersals @ studio, modelling, upcoming model projects/jobs/shoots/events, piano classes, practicing of my various instruments, meeting up with pals, SU lounge duties, exercising and training in preparation for nike humanrace, some other stuff and this and that. all adds up to= not enough sleep for me. tsk. sometimes i look at my own organiser and i think "wow, i've got no day to rest. everyday is packed with sth, would i be able to cope?" well, as for now, everything should be going on as usual, we'll see how things turn out later on. but im happy doing all these things(:

i think im falling sick. have been sneezing all day long :(