Sunday, August 03, 2008

HOLA!! please pardon my previosu post. nothing makes any sense. like this
"and i got tuition all these games. still position just that tml will be more competition.haha" and "(this is written by the blogger who owns this blog and is suer super shag and tired and all and need a cab desparately and sleeeep.) "
wtf is this?? HAHAHA.i need tuition for games and i need a cab if i wanna sleep? okayyyy, MAKES NO SENSE MAN. sorrrrry, was really tired and my forehead was almost touching the keyboard, so yeah.

OKAY! stupid weijie keep msging me bout this pretty girl in UAN who's working tday. idiot, go and work stop looking at girls. tsk, pity im not working tday. but on the other hand, im kinda glad! cause i can finally have some time to myself (:
met choong at his house busstop for the G2000 card and his hair's likeeeee AWESOME(NOT). he just woke up, and i feel so bad for making him wake up so early. tssssk. talked for awhile and went off for piano. piano was NO WHERE NEAR AWESOME :( gotten my new exams pieces. and i gotta start practicing my 3 exams pieces, all the scales, sightreading, oral etc etc. DAMNIT. now must practice piano like EVERYDAY. and its gonna kill me. so if u're walkng ard my block in the middle of the night, dont be surprised to hear piano playing, its just ME, not anything else. haha!

alrightttt. wrtoral now and off to hav lunch and bathe. AND SHOPPING HERE I COME! i think im gonna retreat home early tnight, cause i wanan continue with my wrtoral. i dont wanna forgo my sleep on mon. yet again.
i neeeeeed inspiration for my wrtoral, my quirky ideas are out of sightttttt.

ohyes, i forgot to blog bout some insensitive ppl ytd. friggin china ppl(not to stereotype though). boarded bus27 ytd aft work and they were like some kan chiong ppl, pushing their way up. nevermind. 2 of them stood beside me and when the bus gave a sudden brake i held on tight, but not for them. 1 crashed into another, and the one nearest to me crashed onto me and i had to support the weight of BOTH WOMAN! what's worse, the one nearest to me FREAKING STEPPED ON MY TOES, THUS CAUSING A BRUISE ON MY 3RD TOE. fucking shit. and and, they were like "aww awww, ahh ahh." and all they cared was about THEMSELVES. they fussed around as they recovered to their standing positions, and hussled around. wtfffff. u freaking stomped on my feet with so much weight, and all u care is about yrself. how insensitive of u guys. well, if u know me, when im pissed, i simply scold f. and i did, and heck if they heard it or not. i think i was plugged into my ipod, so i dont know how loud i said it. they jolly well hear it and not let me see them again. i'll screw u upside down.
and bestie kept asking me to chill. ahaha.

okay, till then. pics another day. i swear im going to blog all my pics up aft tues! which is aft wrtoral presentation. (: get readyyy!