Tuesday, August 12, 2008

u know they say love is the greatest thing of all. tday i was on the bus home. there happened to be 2 noisy kids onboard and i seriously swear not to have kids cause they're sooo noisy. i hate them. but when they got to their stop, they waved byebye to the bus driver and hopped off the bus with their mom and ran towards their daddy and kept shouting "daddddy". their dad was very delighted to see his kids so happy and immediately scooped them up from their feet and carried them. upon seeing this, my entire heart just melted and i no longer hate those noisy kids. family love is wonderous. call me a love fool? or soft hearted. =?

back to blogging life! have been busy recently. shall start with where i ended off in my last post.

went sentosa and got tanned :D choong and i arrived at sentosa with lancelot ppl ard 1pm. 03 ppl were already there. we sorta combined both groups tgt but i hang out more with 03 peeps. heh. =x basically what do u do in sentosa? beach volleyball, soccer, suntan, play in the water. yup. so like aft hell knows how long of lying on the cute mat suqin brought, decided to take a dip in the waters. so when qin, adrina and i were going inside the water, this friggin gross bangala came up to us and stuck his body real close to mine and wanted to take a pic. his fren was like on teh shore with the cam ready to snap down. we didn't hav any time to react but to forcefully smile at the cam. UGHH!!! so grossssssssssssssss! den while we were inside the water, they kept on looking and smiling at us. and one moment we were all surrounded by the bangalas and co. OMGGGGG.. so friggggggginnn grossssssssssss. ewwwwwwwwwwwww. so we shifted place. then when we were on shore, sitting and tanning, this grp of 3 china men kept taking pic infront of us. like their fren would sit infront of us and another fren wld snap a pic down. hell knows who they taking. we like called for the guys for help, but none noticed us. then finally they came over and we told them the story. they were like @#%$^&*!%$# then when either the bangalas/china man looked over, they would say see wad seee. and when either of them moved their cam towards us, the guys will shoo them away. awww, thanks mann! u guys rock(: went to play in the water with the gusy later on ;D did shoulder sit with gary and apparently, ppl kept looking and some took photos. -.- came down and went to our belongings area. left at ard 4/5plus to bathe at shangrila hotel. thanks xiaojie & mom! :D

slack at hotel room, took brilliant photos. HAHA! waited for the guys to arrive at the room as well. left afterwards for vivo. bought dinner and slack at ampitheatre with 03 and lancelot. actually wanted to watch night movie, but all no seats alr. tsssskkk. left for home shortly. didn't ton over at hotel cause i've got piano the nxt day. hiaxxx. sorrry, will ton nxt time kay. ;DDD

had piano class. ehhh, got lots to practice. tssssskkk. :( :( :( :( not just practicing my pieces, still got singing, clapping, recognising tempo style(all the foreign words), dynamics etc etc etc.. hiaxxzzx. siannn. dad fetch me home afterwards. slack at home, use com, watch olympics(influenced by bestie), went hougang mall. got my hp changed. and its LG Viewty now. quite hard to use, but very fun also. im getting used to it. yupppp. watched hitch later. awww, so funnyyyy.

came sch at 9am when cads test starts at 930 -.- i alwys arrive at the wrong timing. when im supposed to be early, im not. -.- met darren and co at mushy. went for cads test, damn retarded. ruixing and i didn't know how to do so we attempted to peer downwards and copy. but i got do by myself okay! class later, cads lab test. omggoossshh, i didn't finish!!! damn idiotic. shan't talk about it. ughhh!! i suck at cads. :( blah blah. cheer training. stunts training. no comments. i see triathlon in the distance.

swam with darren and terence. i did more on kicks tday. cause i wanna learn freestyle. so kicked 10sets. thigh dammmmn tired siaaaaa. den tried pulling.. i shall do this set again this friday.. i must learn! lunched at breadboard with usual co ( plus alvin and robin). went for rebus lec, almost fell asleep. alvin asked us if we wanna work at F1. yay, so cool. this sun training. ;D cheer training cancelled, cause too little ppl. came home to study.

schedule for the week

9-12: class
12-1: rebus quiz
2-5: study with darren and robin
6-7odd: running with robin at track
7odd onwards: maybe gym

9-1: class
130-330: study somewhere idk where
430-630: meet glenda at cityhall for meetup and splendid yoghurt ;D
630-1030: dance

9-12: class
1230-2/3odd: swim with darren
30dd onwards: I FORGOT WHAT. -.-

10-1: livelive concert rehersals
215-5: some uan visit thingyyy(not sure what's it)

10-1115: piano
1145-1230: find alvin at town
1230-donno wad time: training for job :DDDD

bye everyone, time to study for rebus (:
pictures i STILL owe everyone: 1) BBQ pics 2) uniform day 3) RACE6 4)random pics in my 20080803 folder(laptop) 5) sentosa pics

here's a glimpse of the BBQ & the uniform day pics. stay tuned for more pics coming up real soon! ;D

bbq day! ann,me,pauline(:

note the diff? an IJ girl in PL uniform(:

HAHA! retarded nerds!