Wednesday, August 13, 2008

okay, this post is edited, so the date i officially blogged this up is 14 aug! ;D shall blog a little first. i gymed ytd, ran 15rounds around the track. not really satisfied with my timing, shall improve on it again. robin accompanied me to hougang mall ;D and he saved me from that stupid reckless cyclist. and and i bought gelare ice cream!!!!! while he bought deserts ;D
tday cads lab cancelled, so went swimming with darren in the morning. my thighs seriosuly achingggggg. aft that went for maths lec for idk what, wasn't listening most of the time. went to reuben's place to buy food to support him. he better thank me. haahha! bused home with darren. slept on 27, just nice i woke up at my stop -.- bathed and changed. now getting ready to leave my house to meet glenda darlinggg at cityhall! she's bringing me to eat yoghurt icecreammm ;DDD muahah. im eating aloooootttt. then, dance at 615, gotta go earlier tday cause need to learn the opening dance. lalalalala. i feel like im floating in the water now. hahaa.

Now for the adventure of TP OLE during our might RACE6

We met on train and got down to Velocity @ novena tgt. Was too early, so went to eat at mos burger. Hahaa

cheerful wayhong & shy jiaying!

chye's burger slipped out & awww choong!

choong's thousand dollar shoe -.-

Reported back later, slack for damn long, bag check. They nv even check properly laaaaa. Can smuggle in banned” items, but of cos we didn’t. ;D we’re good kids(:


choong's marvellous macro shots and our race6 shirts. :D

anw, got our first clue, pitstop1: the overhead bridge outside CJC. And we had to travel by foot there. Yup. Got there, hitched a ride from friendly Christian uncle to our pitstop2: bishan park skateline. There, we had to complete a T/F task, for every qns wrong u get held back for 5min. we got held back for 10min?aft that, rushed off to petrol kiosk opp park to hitch ride. Pitstop3: settlers cafĂ© at Holland Village. Had to play a game of balancing, but in the end we compromised here and there and our soluuion was brilliant! I rmb ken came up with that solution can! (he was 1 of the teams as well, and turns out he’s TP sports advisor)hitched another ride to pitstop4: haw par villa! And and and! TP OLE was the 1st team to arrive!!!!!!! Yay! That station was Sudoku. -.- ughh. But we can take it with us, until the end of the day. Hitched another ride and I rmb this lady was jessmin! ( we met up with her in TP bistro for lunch) pitstop5: Bukit Batok Pavillion B! there, we had to play darts. Choong and hong were damn damn close in getting the bonus thingy, but unfortunately their darts didn’t hit exactly on that spot, and we had to stay thr for a period of time before setting off for our nxt station. Meanwhile, Sudoku all the way! Pitstop6: last pitstop of the day, Sembawang park! And we arrived there at 10.52pm! yeah! Good job team! Pitched tents, camwhored like siao. And and, bathing time dman funny. In the girls toilet, only jy and I were talking, and over at the guys toilet only choong and hong were talking. And funny thing was we could hear exactly wad we all were talking about. Can hear hong asking choong where’s the shampoo, and they can hear me exclaiming that the water’s freezing cold. Haha. Went to the jetty to explore around, though ppl told us not to. Camwhored again! Retreated back to tents later in the wee hours. I apparently slept like a log and ole grp had a hard time waking me up. HAHA!


our final pitstop for the day!

serious camwhoring in tents and at jetty ;D

Went to wash up in our sleepyhead modes, unpitched tents, briefing and set off for the day.

the girls camwhoreeeee

1st stop of the day, Pitstop7: nanyang lake. hitched a ride on lorry from ecp all the way to ntu and find the stupid lake which is like next to my bro’s hostel. -.-

our task was to FISH there in the lake. So friggin hard, cause thr’s NO FISH. My bro told me aft the race that there’s like no fishes thr, only small tiny ones which roam at the bottom of the lake. -.- lameee, no wonder, only 1 out of 27 teams caught fish. -.- so didn’t catch any fish in the 20min, had penalty stay for 15 min. -.- over, rushed to nxt pitstop,

Pitstop8: Botanic garden. We had to use that donno wad weird compass and navigate through the garden and write down the plant wadeva thing. So we were smart, we immediately took the penalty. So only hav to wait for 15min den go alr. Buttttt! Some shitty group, by the name of gracillis, yielded us, so we had to stay for total of 20min. yield means, they can stop u from moving, for 5min, so u ahv to stay at that place for 5min, while they can move off. Yup. Aft that, pitstop9: diary farm! Its like hav to drive very very very in den u go through this dilapidated house and u see a high elements hidden behind. That’s our stop. Task is to abseil down! Yay! I abseiled, cause only 1 person from the team can do it. Haha, so fun. Just quickly ZOOOOP down. Got our nxt clue and off to pitstop10: BUKIT TIMAH HILL. Omgggxxzz, that one can kill. We had to climb up the entire hill whilst carrying our 5kg haversack??!! Goshhhh, plus we had to race against time and position. So it was llike half jogging half walking up the hill. FINALLY WE GOT UP!! Good job TP OLE!!!!! i love you guys! Our task was to play rubicks cube. Zzzz, none of us knew how to do so, so we took penalty but played at the same time. Aft 15min, we left and we literally rolled down the hill. HAHA! Just kidding. We not so weak 1 u knowwww… pitstop11: kindergarden at what?? I forgot where’s theplace alr, but I think its at some ulu place. HAHA! Guess wad we had to do thr? Teach the little kids?! Noooo. Wash their plates??!! Noooo. We were made free labour, had to paint their kindergarden for them. -.- we painted a doveeeeeee ;D and its pretty yo, stop saying its ugly. Lol. Lalalalalal
dirty hands and lorry hitched rides and NP TAS team with another team on lorry as well. haha
Pitstop12: NUS archery! Damn damn fun. All 4 of us hav 5 sticks and we hav to try and get a total of 120points. Damn damn fun! I got the bullseye! ;DDD muhahahha!archery like damn fun laaaa. But sadly, we didn’t hit 120 points, so got penalty of 15min? but nvm, in the meantime, we had our lunch there. Haha. Yummmmmyyyy. Ran ran ran!!!
up the speed, go the distance, RACE6!

Pitstop13: Clementi Railway track. Task was to go onto the railway track and find 3 pictures of similar swatch watches and at the sametime, look out for train that will knock u down flat. HAHA! Okay, im kidding bout the train part. Hahhahaah. Then! At this station we made our costly mistake. Cause we were team5 when we reached, so we chose not to pick a fastforward route(meaning u skip 1 station and go straight to the nxt) and we went on our race. Pitstop14: Tampines Mountain bike Track. When we saw the clue we thought, tampines we damn zai. In the end, cannot find siaaa. Hahah! We hitched ride to somewhere, coincidentally it was jy’s aunt’s house. So she called her aunt to fetch us thr but we ahv to wait for some time before she arrives.
jy aunt's house
Den her uncle fetched us, but we got to the wrong part, and blah blah all the detours and turns here and thr, finally we got to it. And I realize!!!!! Everyday when I take 27, I will pass by that area! But its so ulu, ppl wont think much about it! And obviously, our task was to ride mountain bike through the track. Its damn fun1 LIKE ROLLER COASTER! Its like yr whole bike can just flyyyyy up!!!!!! Dammmmmn coooooool!!!! Okay, enough excitement, off to nxt pitstop, Pitstop15: bishan golf course de prawning area. Quite obvious also laa, need to prawn. 20min time to prawn, if u catch a prawn earlier, u can leave, but max 20min stay. Hong caught a prawn ON THE 20MIN MARK. -.- hahhaaaa. So funnyyyy. Lalalalala! Hitched rideeeee. Damn tough. Ppl either stop infront of u den ZOOOOM away giving u false hopes or they stop but cant fetch us to our place cause its too far.yup, but we finally got our kind helper, Pitstop16: Loyang industrial park(intersection between Loyang lane and Loyang way) we got our clue that will lead us to our final destination. BUT THIS STUPID CLUE KILLED US. We went downtown and asked every single person wad is it and no one gave us correct ans. Aft an hour odd later I suggested going back to the marshalls. Mayb eif they’re nice, they might give us the ans. Okay! And they did, it was KIT RUNNER!
One of the rollerblade shops in ECp. So pitstop17: ECP! OMGGGXXZZZZ. We rushed down luhh! Later kena eliminated den sad siaaa. Reached the shop, had to ride tandom bicycle(double seater) to area G and run some distance to the spot. Phewww, didn’t get eliminated. I tell u riding a tandom bicycle isn’t easy okay! Ask the guys and they’ll share with u. ahhaha! And sitting behind isn’t as slack u know. Alwys hav to be alert for super sharp swerves and turns. Omggg, ride bicycle with choong can die of heartattack. HAHAH! But it was fun. Pitched tent and got our food. Which is 2 mess tins, solid fuel and a pack of maggi meeeee. So little fooooodddd. Damn cool, we used choong’s salompas and sprayed at the fire at the solid fuel and it FHROOOOMMM got more fire. HAHA! Cooool coooool. Cooked miserable maggi mee and finished them in awhile. I was damn takglam, dropping noodles all over .HAHAHA! sorry laaa. Ohoh! We had mutton curry and bread later! From the kind ppl who are bbqing. Haha. Choong, hong and I ate like 1/3 of the whole biggg tray and left the remains thereee. Haahaha. =x went back to tents and slept.

2 ppl from race6 committee, our retarded faces and salompas and solid fuels. ;D

Choong slept beside me and he say damn funny. Cause he accidentally elbowed me in the middle of the night and he actually wanted to apologise. But he saw that I was sleeping like a log and he didn’t bother. Evil choooonggg.. hahaha!

Hohoho, day3 doonnnggggg!!!! We slack abit alr laaa, cause we arrived at 10th position, no point wasting money trying to cab and catch up. Scali not even 4th position achieved. Dots laa. Haha. So slack alr.. our first stop of the day, which is pitstop18: yishun safra! The clue was “spore’s first indoor shooting range with 42 world class standard lanes” yup, it’s a yishun safra and out stop wasn’t exactly there, it was at the rockwall/high elements thr. -.- above the shooting range. Ughh. Task was freefall. Jy did. Wahh, dmannnn slowwww the queue.
Haha. Completed, nxt stop was pitstop19: sembawang hot spring! Task was to cook an egg thr. This friendly uncle helped us. Haha. But hor, when he was emptying the bucket of boiling hot spring water, he poured over my shoe and burnt my feet. -.- wahh, it turned red immediately. Nvm, we cooked our egg and lucky it was cooked in 10min, if not penalty. YAY! Nxt stop, pitstop20: ECP 360SKI!!! AHHHHH!!! LOOOOLLLL!!! This stop freakingggg funnyyyy!!!! Our task was that all 4of us had to ski and hav a total of 3 complete rounds. Obviously we cant do that, cause none of us played before, so we took penalty. Just nice we got yield again! This time 2 teams yield us, so we hav 30min of spare time. SOOO jy and I decided to play for fun. HAHA! Itsss dammmmmmmn fun I swear! We did knee board. U strap yrself across the board and hold onto the the triangular thingy and u wait for the X thing to hook yr rope and there u fly out into the water. U seriously hav to hold on DAMN tight, cause when the X thingy comes, it really drags u with it and the force is very very great. Its exactly the feeling of having a speedboat pulling u. I applaud those ppl who can do it. Anw, I ski-ed for like ¼ round before I fell. And well, I would say its not a very glamorous fall. A tip for u, that I observed. If u are wearing fbt, TIE THE STRING AND WEAR A BLACK FBT IF POSSIBLE. Hahahhaahha! Those ppl who know what happened, lol for u all. Those who don’t know, HAHA!U SHALL NOT KNOW. Okay, so ski was damn fun. But the swimming back part from where I fell is not fun, so far.ahahah. ohoh, and the instructor introduced himself to me =.= and I said I’ll be back again. Cause its damn fun. He said look for him if we’re coming, he can teach us. ;D muahhaa. Alrighty, 360ski will be in our agenda for TP OLE outing in the hols okay:D aft 30 min, wore my shirt over and left for our nxt stop. Pitstop21: Henderson waves! Its that new curvy & pretty bridge@harbourfront that links to mount fabar. Cool, so we had to climb up again, this time stairs and i counted like wad 300 flights altogether(up&down). AND! We saw Felicia chin there! She dman nice. We were asking around if they saw white tee(race6 tee) ppl running around. Den when we were beside her, she said “yes! They’re up there” so cool, she’s so nice. Aiya, didn’t take pic with her. Ahaha. Played some that arrange the puzzle thingy in a frame. Time’s up, and we left for our nxt stop. But before that,we were at harbourfront centre, and we used our money to buy icecream @macs!

HAHAH! We lazy to compete alr, no point, all the other groups wld hav reached the final stop alr. Haha. Pitstop22: NUS Grandstand. Free labour again! U know wad’s our task???!!! WASH THE TENTS. Omggxz, they seriously know how to utilize ppl horrrr. Washed the tents, scrubbed, and brought it out to dry. Dman lame can! Last 2nd pitstop, pitstop23: west coast marsh field. Damn hard to find can. Need to complete this word thingy. E.g _D in a W, _W of the W. its 7 days in a week and 7 wonders of the world. Wah, I feel damn smart, caus ei figured out like ¾ of it. But sadly we were doing it for fun, cause no point le. Den HITCHED a ride back to velocity. Last pitstop of the day! pitstop24: velocity Phooooffff!!! We completed the raceeeee! Satisfied! Next year! We’ll compete again! (:

group photo with one of the race committee guy and our little BOMB! its our wallets and hp that was taped during the entire race.

Dinnered at seoul garden @citylink with choong and hong, jy couldn’t come. Ate like gluttons. Seriously. Ahhaah! Went for stroll at spore flyer. Went over to bedok to pass bro my bag and parents fetched me from there. ;D ahhh, tireddddd.

our wonderous icekachang creation! :DDDDD


spore flyerrrr! ;D i haven't been on it yet u knowww. haha.

that's all folks, i think its my best entry so far. ahha. so organised! tp ole better thank me for doing such a wonderful job. hahaha! im proud of myself ;D shall leave my house now, im getting late.. ohoh, sorry bestieeeee, for being late this morningg .i had to practice my piano and i had to wake up at 6am to do so u knowww. =/