Monday, September 29, 2008

& the experience is once in a lifetime

first and foremost, i really appreciate the entire Mclaren clan for being there, and making my day when my feet was killing me. we came as individuals and we left as a whole. i love you guys! without you all, i wont be able to survive through the 3 days. thanks!

i shall tell u more about my F1 adventure. ;D

huiling, yiling and i met at citylink and went over to Ritz. everyone was busy doing their things and we all reported at 830 at grand ballroom. got separated into our individual suites, and i befriended kisstina and stella. went over to our suite. and i think on the 2nd day then i realise our suite, Vodafone Mclaren Mercedes is a VIP suite, only for invited guests, so they're super rich i guess. righhtt, so we learnt to clean the tableware and arrange them into the different settings. our suite quite tough, like cannot sit, cannot do this cannot do that, cus our organisers like quite strict luhhh. but anw our suite is the biggest though, so i guess image matters alot.
so basically, we serve the guests their drinks and food and clear their plates. but normally all the time im stationed at entrance, stand there hold cocktails or giving out towels or opening door. haha. francin(my station manager) says that im very hospitality oriented and she says i'll do good in hospitality and tourism. ahaha, thanks! im gonna persue that BA aft my fdm dip. so as u stand by the entrance u see all kinds of ppl. cute, famous, drunk, nice and interesting ppl. speaking of famous, Lewis Hamilton came to our suite twice, day2 & 3 and i saw him twice, obviously. other stars which came were tay ping hui, xiao S, korean actor and probably some others i didn't see. haha. i heard president came, but not our suite. miss singapore universe, bollywood actor, supermodels also came, but not our suite. yuppppp.

ohyes, and i shal share with you 1 unforgettable experience.
i was standing at entrace, collecting towels and this is what happened
-brazilian guy came in and stops infront of me
brazilguy:hi, u're amazingly cute
me:HUH?! err okay, thanks
-smiles and walks away
*a moment later, yumi(manager) comes to me*
yumi: u know a person called mr jaz
me: errr, nope
yumi: he requests for you, come with me
-passes my tray to kisstina to take over and brings me to mr jaz-
mr jaz( aka that brazilian guy!): oh hello, are you a scorpio?
me: errr nope, im a capricorn
mr jaz: oh, your bday is in jan
me: yes, 9 jan
mr jaz: oh, my mother's bday is on 1jan
*me, thinking, like my problem*
me: ohhh, i seee.
mr jaz: can i meet you after yr work for a coffe or sth, besides tml is sunday
me: errrr, i cant, i work until very very late and im working tml as well
mr jaz: i see, sure, then can i date you out sometime?
me: ERRRR.
mr jaz: are u attached?
*i think oh shit, im obviously single but i cant lie*
me: sort of.
me: eh i need to go back to work
mr jaz: alright, its a pleasure meeting you, i''ll see you soon

ughhh. and that's not all, i cut away some other parts that i decided not to blog, too gross to continue. hahaha. omggggggggg. and so for the day and next i kept avoiding him. haha. ughhhh. so this is the funny/interesting ppl, plus some other drunk angmohs laaa. u know how they are, so yeahhh.

ohhh, and while working, we watched the race as well. hahaha! cool right, like work, earn money still can watch race foc. hahaha! the final race very funny. the ferrari driver topping up fuel, but it wasn't ready yet and he sped off already, causing the tube to be stuck to his fuel compartment, dragging it along, and spilling fuel on the floor and caused the fuel topper to fall and roll over the ground as he was caught unexpected. hahahah! omggg, super funny the slow motion part. den they couldn't get the tube plucked out and when it was done, too late alr laaaa, he last one. Hamilton was thrid!!!!! thought he would get first. oh wells, at least its a bit better for us. cus we were guessing if he got first, our suite will hav celebration and we all will go home even later. ahaha. so no celebration and we all pack up, clean here and there, and knock off at 1am.

in short, it was a wonderful experience working for formula one. the whole body aching(especially the feet) is like a once in a lifetime experience, and you wont get to work for 16hours daily for 3 days in a row in singapore. hahaa, yeahhhh. wonderful experience afterall, and made wonderful new friends. we all must meet up one day okay, and absolutely NO to the entire mclaren clan working on a single day at one of the banquets in Ritz. i'll just kill u all.
i shall try to arrange an outing for Mclaren clan on one of the days in october, before my hols ends. heh!

photos up another time when i've received them. time to go for cheerleading training! toodles!