Thursday, September 25, 2008

tomorrow is the BIGGGGG dayyy. tml's F1!!! im supperrr scared i cant hold that silver tray for long cus my arms are aching right now, even before i start working. and i've yet to know the time i must report, cus andrew keeps calling me, but im always having training and missing those calls. tsssskkk, he say later in the day got ppl call me i must pick up my phone. OKAY, i'll try.

hmm, later i shall meet paul first to get my books den go to sch, go to saa, sign up for my standard chartered marathon and meet pearl. maybe i shld get pearl to go with me to saa, so i dont hav to walk back and forth. swimmminggg laterrrrr. yay!! i missss swimmmiinnnnnggggg! and gym later. hahah. tsskk, i think i shouldn't do so much of exercise tday, if not my arms ache even more tml, i dont hav to work alr. haha.

omggg, so exciting luhhh, tml's f1 already. heh heh heh. ohhhyesss! i just finished reading my last book of Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows. mannn, it was soooo niceeeee. i was so absorbed into the book. sooooo dammmn niceeee. Snape wanted harry to look at him one last time before he died because harry's eyes resembled lily's eyes and he loved lily so much, so he asked harry to look at him. awwww mannn, so touching. u know everytime i read the chap The Prince's Tale, i'll always cry. hahaha. righttt, but this is not the book i cried the most. the book that made me cry almost every single page was P.S. I Love You. i swear, this book will make u cry your heart out. haha.

okay, im going to be late. i neeed to get a shower now, the weather's so humid. and i gotta pack my bag for swim, gym and dance and bring my lappy as well. alrightyyy, i think i shall bring my tortise billabong bagpack. HAHA! at least it can house many thing inside. heh. tata! sorry dudes, no time to upload pics. hang on for the moment!